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The term ‘superfood’ is one many people don’t really like, feeling that it is a somewhat overused marketing word that doesn’t really mean anything in real terms. However, there are some foods out there that really do have quite amazing nutrient profiles, and which you can get a lot of benefits from adding to your diet. Whether you are looking for something tasty you can incorporate into what you eat every day, or just something to give you a boost of vital nutrients in supplement form, here are three bona fide superfoods you should be aware of if you are seeking out the best in health and wellbeing.


While spirulina is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, containing antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, and a wealth of vitamins, it is probably best not to think about what it actually is – pond algae! Spirulina is a great source of plant protein, making it really useful in the diets of people who don’t eat animal proteins like vegetarians and vegans. It also has a low calorie content for its nutritional profile, at 20 calories per tablespoon.

Some evidence has shown it to improve the endurance of muscles for athletes, and it is also great for removing dangerous heavy metals from the body. It is also thought to help people with allergies, as well as containing a lot of stuff everybody needs like GLA, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and several B vitamins. While it doesn’t have that good a taste (it reminds some people of pond water), it can be taken in capsule form if you don’t enjoy the usual way of taking spirulina, which is to add it to water.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds do indeed come from the same plant as a certain medical and recreational drug, however just like poppy seeds, they are completely safe to eat and won’t cause you to fail a drug test or feel ‘funny’! Hemp seeds are used as a snack in their own right, in recipes for things like baked goods, in salads, and even to make a gluten free flour, and have a nutty flavor most people find appealing (if they like nuts). This makes them very easy to add to your diet, and they offer many superfood benefits, including being another vegan friendly source of protein, containing both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and being potent antioxidants.

Green Tea

Green tea is not so much a superfood, as a super drink. Pleasant tasting and a great alternative to coffee or black tea, it is one of the best antioxidants there is, and also aids digestion. Green tea has also been shown to give a metabolic boost which is why it is also included in many weight loss supplements.

These are three things it is really easy to add to your diet, which seem to have rightly earned the title of superfoods thanks to their large array of benefits.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.