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Too often do men and women wear the wrong clothes for their workout routines. If you have been working out or are about to start working out and you don’t know the kind of clothing you should wear, please read our review of the best clothes to wear for different workout sessions.

The Best Pants for Women with a Muffin Top

If you have a tummy, the best pants to work out with should have a wide waistband. The band should rise high enough to hold in the muffin top as well as flat the midsection.

For women looking for belly flattening pants, shop for stomach control panels pants. They stretch, and the waistband will not dig in your sides while wearing them.

Running Hoodies

Perfect for both men and women. They feature highly versatile layer which offers joggers/runners with thermal layering.

It’s ideal for a winter high intensive workout and also good for sweating into during summer. The hood is comfortable at all times and any weather and has a flatlock construction that minimizes chafing.

Electric Feel-T Shirt

A t-shirt that can be worn by men, it’s an overall tee that has a black chest fabric and features colored detailing on its sleeves. A loose fit fabric that is breathable making it a perfect workout garment and also cool enough to transition to and from the gym.


The T-shirt comes in many waistbands, high waist, light, medium waist and wide waistband. Women who squat know that a fitting pair of pants is excellent for dipping low as it stretches enough to allow you to move without constriction.

Barre pants enable users to hold in abs while working out.

Running Pants

When looking for running pants, search for high compression, temperature regulating pants with a stay-put waistband. Both genders are encouraged to find pants that are comfortable and feel like a second skin on them.

The pants should be made from breathing fabric which changes with temperature thus keeping your body cool while running.

Yoga Pants

Always look for pants that stretch is of light compression and have a broad and flat waistband. Nobody wants to be interrupted by hiking up their pants while doing their poses.

A wide and flat waistband ensure that your pants stay in place all throughout the yoga session. For hot yoga practice should have fabric that absorbs in large amounts of sweat.

Pilates Pants

Search for medium compression, a non-slippery material with a stay-put waistband and shouldn’t have any metal parts. You need pants that will allow you to stretch and move about in different directions without constriction.

Get a no zipper and non-metal parts pair of pants that will allow you to workout safely on your mat and equipment. The best Pilates pants should have medium compression that stretches more and has zero zippers and buttons.

Side Note: While going out to shop for the best workout clothing brew a fresh cup of coffee to keep you alert during the day. Get a good coffee maker with a grinder to brew enough coffee to keep you energetic as you search for workout gear.

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