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With so many amazing companies around the globe who are keenly focused on providing the very best healthcare to patients, it’s no surprise that medical advancements never cease to amaze.

From medical device design at establishments like DeviceLab, to the latest treatments available for cancer, as well as the newest ways to be the least invasive when it comes to a variety of surgeries, the medical community certainly is an exciting one to work in and to follow. For proof, check out the list below for some of the best medical devices of the last decade.

Bionic Limbs

As a result of advancements in the field of prosthetics, amputees are able to lead richer lives. A recent breakthrough is bionic limbs, which are incredibly real and can be manipulated using everything from an iPad app, to Bluetooth devices and computer chips. New 3D computer models can even be used to customise socket designs. The result of all of these efforts is prosthetic limbs that feel more real than ever.

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Obesity Device

For those who suffer with obesity, a recent breakthrough called the Maestro Rechargeable System could be a means to finally lose weight. The surgical implant is a lot like a pacemaker, as it works by sending electrical pulses directly to the vagus nerve, which is connected to the brain and determines when your stomach is full. By essentially tricking the brain into thinking your stomach is full, you’ll eat less and lose weight. For those who have suffered with obesity despite dieting, exercising, and taking prescription weight loss pills, this device may bring about positive results.

Device for Detecting Harmful Moles

Many harmless moles are removed as parts of biopsies to determine if they are cancerous. To avoid these unnecessary procedures and their scars, a new device called MelaFind was invented. It’s basically a handheld scanner that a doctor can use to more closely examine a potentially dangerous mole and determine if a biopsy is actually warranted or not. Therefore, it isn’t meant to be used for diagnostic purposes, but rather as a guide.

Aortic Valve Device

For patients who can’t undergo open-heart surgery even though they require a new valve, the Sapientranscatheter aortic valve is a breakthrough solution. Even though it’s been used in Europe for years, the product has expanded to the US market, so doctors there can now use this product to help patients get the surgery they need with much shorter recovery and hospitalisation time.

More to Come

These are just a few of the many recent medical breakthroughs in the world of healthcare devices over the last decade, but there are many more. And there are also many more to come, with research ongoing every day in order to make people healthier and happier. For example, a patch may become the alternative to pricking your finger to draw blood if you’re diabetic and need to regularly monitor your blood sugar. And if you suffer with severe headaches that medications can’t cure, an implant may eliminate them at last.

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