Why E-Cigs are Heart Healthy and what Anti-E-Cig Studies don’t want You to Know

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding e-cigarettes. If you have ever vaped, you have experienced the satisfaction and positive benefits that are offered by these devices. The fact is that there are vape-hates out there and they are touting quite a bit of misinformation regarding electronic cigarettes. Some of the most important information...+

Kicking the Habit & Alternatives to Smoking

Smoking is notoriously addictive. As many smokers and ex-smokers will tell you, giving up can be a truly daunting and difficult task. Quitting nicotine serves as a real test of willpower and strength. Fortunately, you don’t have to undertake this task using sheer willpower alone. You CAN conquer your addiction by using some of the...+

Study: Quitting Smoking and Depression

A study was published which aimed to demonstrate the link between smoking and depression. It also tested the level of abstinence in smokers who took up vaping as a quit aid. The results of the study have been compiled below. Introduction While the link between depression and smoking is largelycurrently unclear, the connection is suspected...+