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As we grow older, there are numerous issues that can affect us. Simply put, our body is no longer able to counter various diseases and in time, it reduces production of vital substances. When these matters start diminishing, we can expect different unexpected problems as a result. Among various conditions, osteoarthritis represents one of the most common issues that areaffecting our knees, hips and hands.

Osteoarthritis is in fact the most common type of arthritis and most common type of osteoarthritis is the one that attacks knees. This disease is caused by gradual depletion of cartilage which is present between our bones. It is easily noticeable by swelling, pain and loss of motion. In extreme cases, it can lead to disability. When the cartilage starts losing its density, there is no longer any substance between the bones. Natural absorber is gone and leg bones become completely exposed. They start rubbing each other which leads to creation of mineral deposits, swelling and enormous amounts of pain.

It is still unknown what precisely causes this disease. Like any other illness, it can be hereditary. So, if your parents or grandparents had it, you will probably suffer from it as well. There are some conditions and professions which can make you a risky group. People who are exposing their bones too much, those who are doing manual labor as well as professional athletes may develop it in time. This is probably because of increased pressure on joints. Commonly, it appears after 40 years of age. Women are more affected by it, especially after menopause. Scientists claim that this is because estrogen is becoming scarce. However, even though this is old men’s disease, young people can get it as well.


There is still no proper cure for osteoarthritis. The symptoms can be quite debilitating and it is a heavy burden to bear. Best thing that we can do is use medicines such as Synvisc to reduce the pain and change our habits so that we can control the condition.

Synvisc is an artificial gel like substance. It is injected into the knees and it serves as a way to amortize blows and pressure. Its main component is hylan G-F 20, so people who are allergic to it, should avoid this medicine. The drug is forbidden if you have any inflammation, if you have blood cloths or circulation problems or if you have any type of allergic reaction to bird products. Synvisc is administered for three weeks, once weekly. After the injection, you shouldn’t do any exercises or anything else that can strain the knees. Common side effects of using this drug are itching, discomfort, redness and other skin irritations, dizziness, nausea, warmth, swelling, muscle weakness, fatigue, headache etc.

If you opt to buy Synvisc from Medica Depot or any other online pharmacy, have in mind that only part of your problem has been solved. Osteoarthritis requires complete change of living habits. Patient needs to start exercising (but not excessively), to change his diet and stop doing anything that can disturb his joints and further deplete the cartilage.

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