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Ageing is a gradual and unavoidable process and there is not a single soul on earth who can escape the clutches of time. Age has its perks as well as its handicaps and the most depressing of all the handicaps induced by age is the toll that time takes on one’s skin. Human skin is much like the inner circumference of a tree trunk. Much like the way, passing time leaves successive circular lines in the inside of a tree, every step in time seems to leave repulsive blemishes on the tender skin of one’s face. However depressing the thought might seem, this is the truth of life but as the wise has said—“you cannot help getting older, but you don’t have to get old”. To add to this spirit, modern skin specialists have revolutionized skin replenishment techniques with the aid of scientifically approved therapeutic means. When you have reached that stage in time when the familiar face of your youthful days is starting to look distorted and botched owing to an onrush of many peculiar signs of ageing; make no delay and stopover at one of the best known skin clinics in the vicinity of London. Only in the recent past, afflicted sufferers of age-related skin disorders were at a loss for a limited sphere of options in non-surgical rejuvenation treatment, but that is not the case anymore.

There are ways more than a few to treat the deteriorating state of your skin without having to pass under the knife. Some of these non-surgical ways result in mild toning down of the skin texture. That would finely peter out the visible signs of ageing—age spots, dry lines, wrinkling skin around the mouth, freckles and spots enhanced by exposure to the sun and so on. Besides softening treatments, there are also the more effective spot removal procedures. In both cases, the patient has to undergo the treatment sessions in regular months and in long intervals to retain the effects correctly for the longest possible span of time. Here, we have listed a few excellent modern trends in non-surgical, age-induced blemish removal treatments. These have been in practice successfully and are available exclusively at major cosmetic skin clinics in the capital.

Chemical Peel for Fresh and Glowing Skin

Application of acid-based catalyzing agents for removal of skin imperfections has proved to be very effective as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. The process is as simple as using face creams. Skin specialists at major cosmetic therapy centres recommend direct application of these rejuvenating chemicals in small portions of the facial skin, hands and neck where the age spots are flourishing rampantly. It is a blend of chemical and crème that has to be set only for a couple of minutes at the most and then washed away with care. The degree of effectiveness in removal of spots by chemical peels depends on the formula used. Major cosmetic clinics only use the most powerful chemical catalyzing agents.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatments by Purification from The Inside

Often, the best clinics in London providing non-surgical wrinkle treatments have an approach of treating the abnormality skin from the very inside rather than merely operating on the surface. Especially in case of specially formulated wrinkle-lift treatment, renewal from inside is done systematically by injecting medicinal purifiers like Botulinum toxin. This chemical acts on the muscles to prevent formation of wrinkles on the face.

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