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In order to achieve an unambiguous athletic goal, a plethora of people are in search of various anabolic steroids for fulfilling their desires and selfish needs. Using others steroids, apart from anabolic have become a myth or prohibitions. Looking up to the demands and the nostalgic needs of the people, it would be wise to bring up a list of anabolic steroids.

The list of some anabolic steroids along with their benefits

There are numerous anabolic steroids which are categorised on the basis of their constituents. You can read steroidly’s list of AAS as follows –

  1. Anandrol – it is taken orally to gain body mass.
  2. Anavar – it is preferably used by females to reduce the body fat and gain perfect shape.
  3. Clenbuterol -it is used to burn fat and helps in losing weight.
  4. Cytomel – it is also used for losing fat.
  5. Deca durabolin – it is basically used by men. It helps in getting a bulk body with a toned shape.
  6. Equipoise – it results in enhancing the performance by increasing speed and strength.
  7. Halotestin – it helps in having a control on strength and aggression.
  8. Insulin – it endeavours to give a boost to your performance and allows production of muscles.
  9. Lasix – it common usage is for retention of water and prevents swelling.
  10. Methyltestosterone – it is generally used for gaining strength and perfect size.
  11. Nolvadex – it reduces the cholesterol level.
  12. Omnadren – It helps in gaining muscle in the offseason.
  13. Primobolan – It is best used for high nitrogen preservation.
  14. Cypionate – It make testosterone replacement in the body.
  15. Propionate – it increases the purity in alternative testosterone replacement.
  16. Testosterone – it is a male growth hormone, used to gain muscle size and strength.
  17. Winstrol – It is among the most popular steroid of all time, which is less toxic and provides strength, size and better cutting cycle.

Effects the Steroids Supply

All the above mentioned steroids are different from each other in properties and constituents to some extent. We can also say that they have both positive and negative effects. One who is considering adapting one of these steroids should consider the following important factors –

  • Use specific steroids to cater your need.
  • Check the comparability of the steroids in both the genders.
  • Assure the toxicity for your better health.

If you are looking to get the best steroid to fulfil your different desires, then the only way you can assure to have it is through the online market is to conduct a thorough research, before hand.

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