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There is unparalleled joy of having a child for intending parents. Sometimes this dream could become a hurdle when all the attempts of conceiving through natural ways fail. But nothing stands out to impossible in the age of advanced science. Surrogacy in Mumbai is the most successful method and mostly adopted by many couples. There are various procedures and methods of surrogacy.


The intending parents are required to be prepared mentally, physically and legally. If you are opting for surrogacy here is something that you should know about:-


The first and foremost question that clicks is when we go for surrogacy and in what condition a surrogate should be approached?

  • If the intending mother is not able to conceive because of problems in uterus then a surrogate is highly recommended.
  • If the uterus are removed or if medical condition hysterectomy is present then to getting into bliss of having baby it is required that one must approach a surrogate.
  • If there are any heart ailment that could affect the case of pregnancy; it becomes must thing to approach a surrogate.
  • If there is previous failure in attaining pregnancy or repeated miscarriages then it is viable to approach a surrogate.

What are detailing and crucial things that one must need to know while approaching a surrogate?

Legal Age of Surrogate

This is the foremost important and vital step. The surrogate should be mentally and physically fit to handle the procedures of pregnancy. The reputed clinic will help you to find right surrogate. One plus advantage of going through surrogacy clinic in Mumbai is you can find yourself a legally completed age surrogate.

Medical History of Parents and a Surrogate

This step is done to ensure that there are no past medical records or if there is any problems effective consultations and necessary advises can be given on the right time.

Legal Documentations

Even if the parents have taken the help of surrogate the baby yet remains of the intending parents after the birth. In order to provide you with extended solutions the reputed clinics will also help you with legal documentations.

Strong and Encouraged

Even for a surrogate the journey of pregnancy could bring in different gestures and emotions. Fertility specialist may suggest to go for certain tests for bliss of having healthy baby. The results are fruitful and surrogacy success rates are always higher when proper advice and consultation is taken.

Things that intending parents could do during the pregnancy journey?

Feeling Privileged and Enjoying Prenatal Care Experience


Welcoming changes and new appeal is all you need in your journey towards parenthood. Reading good books on parenthood can keep you motivated and you can easily gain in all necessary insights.


Keeping Yourself Prepared for Baby


Right from the first day itself your baby may need so many things; being prepared with everything. Last minute planned things could be hectic for you.


Keeping things Documented before the Arrival of Baby


Of course pregnancy and birth is exciting; documenting every bit of it could be much beautiful and will give the feeling of well explained.

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