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It is often said that most surfers look a lot younger than they actually are. This is because surfing comes with a lot of health benefits. Apart from looking younger, surfers are often in great physical condition; they have cool and calm nature, and are usually in a good mood, with a great viewpoint on life.


John Clemenza discusses about the advantages that almost every individual can enjoy when taking up surfing as a hobby. Surfing is passion for John Clemenza and he has been in this field for more than eleven years. Ever since his parents introduced him to the activity, he has been working towards having a proficient career in surfing. When he is not busy with his work at a smoothie shack or busy with the training, he likes trying out new restaurants situated close to Waikiki Beach along with his team. He also loves surfing the internet and reading about his dream destination NY City. He explains that surfing in New York is not the same as Southern California but still it brings a lot of pleasure when surfing in the city of New York. Some of the advantages that each individual can enjoy when taking up surfing as a hobby are explained:

  • Extensive physical exertion causes the discharge of endorphins, which are hormones, produced in the brain and other places in the body. This may not be an irresistible feeling, but it is definitely one of the optimistic effects persuaded by an extended session of surfing, and it has the effect of sending away the more pessimistic attitudes that may develop in another setting. It has been found that surfers experience a deep sense of serenity which infused their total attitude, and add to a better mental balance.
  • The physical advantages from surfing come in a number of diverse forms. As surfers must carry out a number of diverse kinds of cardiovascular exertion, blood circulation is significantly improved as the heart is forced to work more to supply the body with oxygen. Swimming, paddling and running can contribute to an increased level of physical activity, and can result in a constant muscular enhancement and development. Surfing can help to strengthen your body’s core and legs.
  • People who have been associated with surfing for years can carry over that same kind of fast decision-making into their non-surfing lives, and enjoy the advantages of improved mental sharpness. Thus, apart from the physical health benefits, surfing is great for mental health and has been confirmed to augment energy levels, relaxation and happiness.
  • Surfing enhances mindfulness and has a way of slowing all things down and giving you viewpoint. When you are riding a wave you are thinking of nothing else but the excitement of the experience.

John Clemenza hence says that surfing is filled with pure fun. It can induce thrills and a rush of adrenalin, the pleasure produced by surfing a tall wave can activate excitement in a surfer, from your head straight to your toes. If you have any queries about surfing, you can get in touch with John for the same.

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