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With a variety of skin care products and gadgets on the market, it has become increasingly difficult to know what is right for you. Improved choice and variety in the market is a positive thing for consumers, but everyone must pay special attention to whether a product or gadget is suitable for your particular skin type and circumstances. The Clarisonic, for example, hailed as an excellent exfoliator by some, may prove far too harsh for those with sensitive skin or active breakouts. Abrasive contact with the skin can actually break blemishes, spread infection, and in extreme cases lead to scarring. Similarly, products and creams with harsh exfoliating particles can scratch the surface of the skin rather than effectively cleansing pores.


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A jade roller may provide an affordable and non-invasive solution for those who would like to enjoy healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Chinese Origins

Jade rollers are often an exceptionally beautiful item.Their design has remained largely unchanged since they were favoured by the Chinese aristocracy centuries ago. The precious stone itself is uniquely smooth and cooling. It was widely recognised that this tool could smooth the complexion, improve circulation, and encourage cell renewal without harsh properties that irritate the surface of the skin.

The Benefits

The benefits of using a jade roller in facial massage are reputed to be improved tone of the facial muscles, a more youthful and radiant appearance, and the drainage of toxins that cause puffiness in the face. London chemical skin peels such as those offered by and others can often be an effective treatment, but many find they are not yet at the stage where a skin peel is necessary. With so many people wanting to improve the texture and appearance of their skin, jade rollers are becoming an increasingly popular solution.

Skincare and Overall Health

Skincare has long been regarded as an essential – if underrated – aspect of overall health. The British Dermatology Association, for example, encourages skincare awareness nationwide through the production of downloadable pamphlets for the public. The Skin Cancer Foundation have also gone to great lengths to educate the public on how to keep their skin healthy and safe.

Even in an industry driven by innovation, the oldest solutions are often the wisest. Jade rollers are thought to have first made an appearance over 1,000 years ago!

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