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Mouth cancer or oral cancer as it is commonly termed can occur in any part of the mouth. It mostly starts with a sore or ulcer in the mouth, which remains a hindrance even after taking proper medical treatment. Taking right kind of medical care in the beginning is sure to help you in wading off the symptoms of oral cancer.


What actually is oral cancer?

Generally, cancer is a disease related to cells in the body. There are several types of cells in the human body. Hence, cancer is of innumerable types. Cancer cells multiply abnormally contributing to serious ailments, which are difficult to cure. The malignant cancer develops in the form of tissue.

Mouth cancer is seen in the inside mouth parts like gums, palate and even the tongue is not spared. It is most commonly occurring cancer in middle aged persons specially males. The reason behind the occurrence of mouth cancer is not yet known. There are few assumed causes, which changes the genes of the cell resulting in the development of cancer.

The risk factors which lead to mouth cancers
  • Smoking: Research shows that people suffering from mouth cancer are mostly smokers. Non smokers have less chance of falling prey to mouth ulcers.
  • Tobacco: It has proven to be one of the major causes of producing sores in mouth sometimes developing in to cancer. Chewing of betel leaf can also result in mouth cancer.
  • Dental health: It is true that poor dental hygiene plays a great part in the development of oral cancer.
  • Allergens: Increase of human papillomavirus contributes a lot in the oral cancer.
  • Other conditions: Increase of leukoplakia and erythroplakia can increase the chances of having oral cancer.

Early treatment helps in curing the cancer permanently. Early symptoms of the illness assist in curing the severe ailment with little difficulty.

Mentioning few earlier symptoms of oral cancer
  • Occurrence of white patches or red patches in any part inside the mouth.
  • Experiencing pain or discomfort while chewing or swallowing.
  • Feeling of numbness in mouth.
  • Unusual bleeding in mouth.
  • While having treatment for loose teeth or dentures, the treatment proves unsuccessful.
  • Your throat feels all time sore as if something is present inside it.
  • A lump formation in lips, tongue, throat or in any part inside the mouth.
  • Your weight starts decreasing rapidly.
  • You have speech problems and your voice changes.

Cancer cells have the tendency to spread in all parts of the body. Hence, diagnosing the illness while it is still in the earliest stage helps in the treatment of the patient. Biopsy is one of the common ways to know the extent of the cancer. Biopsy will help in diagnosing if you have cancer. Further tests, CT scan and MRI scan helps in treating the dreadful ailment.

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