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Do you wish that you had long flowing hair like Kim Kardashian? Well, we’ve put together some great tips to help you achieve those luxurious locks.

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Sit Back And Relax

If you have short hair right now, you’re just going to have to be patient. In fact, celebrity stylist, Mark Townsend, suggests that your hair will grow maybe one centimetre in a month, and that’s if your hair is super healthy. So, just sit back and relax, it could be some time!

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Trim It

I know, it doesn’t make sense, but you should have your hair cut regularly. Ask your hairstylist to trim to ensure you get rid of split ends, before they damage too much of your hair. This will pay off in the long run and really will help you towards your goal. John Frieda says so too.

Pamper Your Hair

Mark also suggests that you apply a mask or oil to your hair regularly. Long hair will have been around a while and so needs some loving care to help it stay looking healthy. The mask should be used weekly, so why not follow his own recipe for success – 1 tablespoon each of jojoba, almond and macadamia oil, plus 1 cup of coconut oil (unrefined) – simple. Once the mask has worked its magic, you should shampoo your hair to remove the treatment, with a product such as KLORANE shampoo with mango butter, leaving your hair photo shoot ready. For this shampoo, and a range of other products to make you look fabulous, take a look at a company such as

Cold Shower Rinse

If you can bear it, do your final shower rinse in cold water. It really will pay off in the long run. Your hair will retain more moisture and be much less prone to snagging and damage from heat.

You Are What You Eat

And that goes for your hair too. Take a look at your diet to make sure you include lots of hair boosting nutrients. Salmon is a great source of Omega 3, spinach is packed full of goodies like iron, calcium and vitamin B, and chicken will boost your protein levels. If you fancy a mid-morning snack, how about a handful of walnuts, a source of Biotin, which is necessary for healthy hair.

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