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In most cases tonsils stones are the result of food particles and debris that has been accumulated in the tonsils. Such debris putrefies in the back of the throat, leading to bad breath and discomfort. The off-white deposits at the craters of the tonsils are caused when bits of food accumulate in these craters and the bacteria starts feeding on them. Such particles are digested until they turn into a foul-smelling filth.

Some people are prone to getting the tonsil stones due to the accumulation of harmful substances in their mouth, which forms lumps of hard mass. When ignored, the accumulated substance hardens further and takes the texture of stones, which are known as the tonsil stones. The stones are small in size but in some cases they become big.


In their early stages of formation, the tonsil stones do not have obvious symptoms. However, some of the possible symptoms include the tightening of the throat, metallic taste, chocking, or regular coughs. For the larger tonsil stones, their symptoms are felt in the form of tonsillitis, bad breath, difficulty in swallowing, presence of white particles in the craters of the tonsils, and the sensation of some foreign particles stuck at the back of the throat.

There are several ways for getting rid of the tonsil stones. However, the appropriate tonsil stones removal method depends on the size of the stone. The following are the eight ways of getting rid of the tonsil stones:

  • Gargling warm water and salt – This is the easiest way to get rid of the tonsil stones, although the salt solution may not taste so good. However, it might be something that you can look into. The procedure for this remedy includes adding salt to a glass of warm water and rinsing your mouth for a minute or two. You should repeat the process at least twice a day without drinking it. You should spit the solution after swilling it in your mouth. When done properly, it could solve the issue fast.
  • Over the counter mouthwashes – This could be an alternative method for the people who are not keen on the salt and water ideas. The contents of the mouthwash have variety of ingredients that could make you feel comfortable with the elimination process. However, you should seek advice from the medical practitioner before making decision on the mouthwash brand to buy.
  • Cotton swab – The use of the cotton swab may seem difficult for some people although you may feel better after dislodging the tonsil stones from the back of the mouth.
  • Using the tongue or finger – If the tonsils feel painful or strange to touch, the tongue could be the best means to getting the stones out. Try pressing it on the tonsils and push them free. This process might take some minutes but it can help in loosening them. When using your finger, you should first wash it with warm, soapy water and ensure you rinse them properly. The next thing you should do is to open your mouth and find the tonsil using your finger. Once the stones pop out, you should rinse your mouth out with clean water. However, this method may not work for the extremely painful stones.
  • Using antibiotics – Since the tonsil stones are as a result of accumulated bacteria in the tonsil crater, the use of antibiotics may wipe them out. This method should involve the examination by the doctor, who could give the best prescription. The antibiotic solution is temporary. As such you should take the right measures to prevent the stones from coming back.
  • Having the stones surgically removed – If the stones are painful and recurrent, you may choose this alternative by visiting your doctor to remove them. The doctor numbs the affected area and uses a tool to scrap them out.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene – You should take stern measures to prevent bacteria from accumulating at the crater of the tonsils by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. The best time to brush includes the bedtime to avoid the growth of bacteria during the night.

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