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Colon cleansing is a procedure that dated back as far as the ancient Greece, wherein those who have illnesses were prescribed to undergo enema. Just as the old Chinese adage that states death begins in the colon, it is important for us to take care of our colons as it has a big responsibility in our over-all health.

The colon, or large intestine, is the last stop of toxins and waste products in our body before they are excreted out. If there are problems in the colon, then there is a possibility that we could not flush out these toxins. Since many of us no longer have an active lifestyle and would rather choose unhealthy foods compared to those healthy yet tasteless ones. Therefore, it is important for us to take into consideration colon cleanse so that we can ensure that we excrete those harmful intakes. To detoxify your colon, follow the 7-day diet plan.

But then again, how to cleanse your colon? Is it as easy as counting 1, 2, 3? Or perhaps we need to visit a doctor? Well, there are some methods, which require the help of your doctor; while there are also those that we consider as natural colon cleanse techniques, which can be done at home.

Best 4 Natural Approaches To Cleanse You Colon

1. Enemas

Being one of the oldest colon cleansers, conducting an “enema” is a common way of cleaning your colon. The procedure can wash out waste from the parts that you can reach in your colon – usually, the lowest parts. Enema solutions are widely available in different drugstores and you may also use this at home.

2. Herbal Supplements

Intake of herbal supplements is the most common type of colon cleansing. These supplements are sold as digestive health or colon detox, and should be mixed with other herbs to get the effect that you need from them since a single herb cannot do the task alone.

Usually, herbal supplements consist of probiotics, antiparasitic capsules and other formulas that can break the fecal matter on your intestinal walls. When you take herbal supplements, you are encouraging natural bowel movement on your body even if you are already done with the detox program.

3. Hydrotherapy

This particular method is done by the physician, and is a new practice compared to the others on this list. A colonic hydrotherapy is done by a licensed practitioner and involves the use of disposable tube that goes up to the rectum. The rectum will then be irrigated with filtered water so that fecal matter stuck to the side will be loosened, as well as those impacted bowels.

4. Oxygen-Based Pill

Oxygen-based pills are usually sold in a capsule form. With the presence of oxygen brought about by the pill, bacteria will not thrived considering that there is a high level of oxygen within the body. An oxygen-rich environment is created which leads to the death of most types of bad bacteria as well as of microscopic parasites. In addition, the increase in oxygen brought about by the pill also helps in the removal of fecal matter that already built-up in the walls and colon.

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