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Tired of spending every spare hour in the gym but still unable to shift stubborn pockets of fat? Watch what you eat every day yet still not seeing the results you desire? While eating a balanced diet and keeping active are vital ingredients for a healthy, happy life, plenty of us suffer from lumps and bumps in places we’d rather not have them, despite taking care of our bodies. The simple fact is that whether it’s down to genetics or just simple bad luck, some people find it practically impossible to get the streamlined look they desire through diet and exercise alone. This is where vaser liposuction comes in.

Liposuction Trends

While liposuction traditionally used to be used for spot reduction – such as skimming a layer of fat off the thighs or hips – there is an increasing trend for using the technique on several areas of the body. This helps create a streamlined and more sculpted look and can give subtle yet effective results. The Daily Mail reports that the popularity of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian has helped fuel an increase in the numbers of women seeking all-over liposuction treatments.

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But it’s not just women who crave a more sculpted appearance – as the Telegraph reveals, growing numbers of men are also turning to liposuction in order to banish excess fat.

Do Your Research

If you’re considering undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedure, such as vaser liposuction performed by or another reputable provider, be sure to do your research beforehand so you know what to expect. Your treatment provider should be able to answer any questions you may have and ensure you have realistic expectations about the results you will achieve.

The Vaser technique is renowned for its ability to produce predictable and effective results for patients, but it’s still vital you discuss the procedure with your provider. This will help them to gain a full understanding of the areas you’re most concerned about and the kind of look you’re hoping to achieve after your treatment. Vaser is ideally suited to both men and women who don’t have a great deal of weight to lose, but are in relatively good shape and who want to banish stubborn fat pockets from specific areas.

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