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Is giving up delicious foods that you wish to eat a way to stay slim forever – well, it is common to find foodies, who are overweight and hence on a weight loss program, asking this question. Such people may want to reduce their weight at any cost, but at the same time they wouldn’t want to sacrifice their favourite sweets or pastries. As a result, they find this tug of war to be highly confusing and stressful.

Sacrificing your favourite food to cut off those extra pounds may be the last thing anyone, who wants to reduce weight, would wish to do. Even though you may resist your temptation for a few days, you are more likely to get back to munching your desired treats after sometime since it’s not easy to stay away from your favourite food for long.

Since it seems almost unavoidable to bounce back to your same old weight, do you think it’s really useful to stay away from food that you love? If you are a foodie, you are sure to be thinking seriously if there’s any effective way to reduce your weight without forgoing your favourites! Here are few tips given by dieticians to help in enjoying long lasting weight loss results even without the need to give up delicious foods.


  1. Stay Active: If you seriously want to lose weight, you need to stay active in order to burn the calories that you consume. It is not a tough task to start off with an active exercise routine, but the challenge lies in continuing with it. A healthy exercising schedule on a regular basis not just helps in burning calories and reducing weight, but also has several health benefits ranging from maintaining a balanced cholesterol ratio and blood pressure reduction to improved metabolism and mood enhancement. So, choose any exercise like aerobics, dancing, cycling or playing any sport. Eat to your heart’s content, but make sure you exercise well and reduce weight following the healthy way.
  2. Opt for Healthy Food That You Love to Eat: List out the healthy foods that you love to eat and form a balanced diet using this list. This way, you would be eating only foods that you love, while also consuming healthy eatables. If you happen to eat food from outside, then it’s time you cook your own food since home-cooked food is always better and safer than outside food. If you don’t know how to cook them, enrol yourself in a cooking course. When you cook your own food, you will be well aware of what goes into it and you can modify the calories consumption accordingly. So, there’ll be no need to compromise on your favourite food.
  3. Stay Away from Processed Food: Processed food purchased off the shelf normally consists of almost 40% higher calorie content than their home-made counterparts. Add to this the whole lot of preservatives that go into manufacturing them. On the whole, they not only have high calories, but also are not safe to consume.

Now that you know you don’t have to give up delicious foods in order to stay slim forever, go ahead and munch on your favourite healthy foods. But, don’t forget to exercise regularly; you can also use the slimming wraps and infrared blankets that are available in the market today as these can be fairly helpful in several ways, when it comes to losing weight.

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Tracey Blunt is a health-conscious person who keeps an eye on every single calorie that she consumes. She believes in staying in shape, alongside enjoying her favourite food items, and recommends you to check out to find handy ways to lose weight fast.