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Treadmill, elliptical and stationery bike are the most popular and cardio workout machines which are found in all the professional gyms as well as home gym setup. These machines help to burn calories, improve your muscular endurance and provide a complete workout. All the 3 machines work differently on your body with their own set of pros and cons. So if you are also among the ones who get confused at the gym while deciding among these machines, the below given advantages and disadvantages will help you to make the decision.


This is one of the most commonly used machines at home as well as gym. The major benefits of this machine are listed below:

Pros of Using the Treadmill:

  • By changing the speed at which you are using the treadmill, it can be made into high impact workout or low impact workout as per your body needs
  • Treadmill provides an option to walk, jog, run or hike depending upon your capabilities
  • There are multiple options for speed and inclination in treadmill which can be set as per requirement.
  • The present day machines like horizon treadmill comes installed with multiple programs that enables you to bring variety to your workout routine
  • Treadmills can be used for jogging as well as running indoors when weather outside is not favorable.


This is another very popular cardio machine used by people of all ages. The benefits associated with the machine are listed below.

Pros of Using the Elliptical:

  • Since elliptical machines have foot pedals as well as handle bars, it offers a complete body workout, targeting the upper as well as lower body
  • For the people with knee and joint pain, this machines proves to be a good option as it is low impact and does not put too much stress on the knees and joints
  • Elliptical workout is smooth and comfortable on majority of these machines and one such example is bowflex max trainer.
  • For those who wish to add variety in their workout plans, this machine proves to be an apt option

Stationery Bike:

Stationery Bike is a cardio machine that is perfect for those who wish to go for low impact workout session. Below given are its benefits.

Pros Using the Stationery Bike:

  • Stationery bike is a low impact machine and perfect for those who have injuries in lower body
  • This machine is also perfect for the beginners because as compared to elliptical and treadmill there is less exertion and thus longer sessions can be done
  • Stationery bike comes with multiple options of adjusting speed, time, distance and resistance which can be changed as per your preference and body capabilities.

Cons Associated with Treadmill, Elliptical and Stationery Bike:

Besides the above given pros, there is a list of cons as well which are associated with these machines.

Though treadmill is one of the most commonly used machines for calories burning, but since its impact is high it can put lot of stress on the knees and other joints. When talking about elliptical, it is comparatively low in impact but if you are a beginner then working effectively on this machine might take some time. As compared to treadmill and elliptical, stationery bikes are less exerting and thus number of calories burned are also low.

Thus we can see that each of these three machines have their own pros and cons and if you wish to get maximum of your workout session, include combination of the three.

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