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Nowadays people do not find time to take care of their health owing to the busy work schedule. Active lifestyle can prevent a lot of diseases and it also ensures for healthy living. Obesity can causes a lot of health issues and they are mainly affecting people who sit in the same place for long term.

Visiting a gym or workout center remains impossible for busy people. But it is not necessary to work out for hours together to lose weight. Intensity of exercise is significant and time does not matter in exercise.

It is possible to lose weight even with fifteen minutes of exercise if done dedicatedly. It does not produce instant and visible results but pounds of weights are reduced over a span of time.


Simple Exercise to Perform From Desk

Exercise should be made as an integral part of work life to avoid obese. Performing this simple exercise can definitely have significant results on weight loss.

Cardiovascular Exercise

This can burn lots of calories even if done for one minute. A brisk walk or jumping for 1 minute can shed off pounds of calories and is a good form of cardiovascular exercise.


Touching the Feet

It is a very simple exercise which does not require a huge space to perform. Raising the hands above heads and stretching them to touch the feet is effective for both upper and lower parts of the body.

Other effective modes of workout includes,

  • Muscle toning
  • Stretching
  • Chair dips
  • Chair Squats

If these easy exercises are performed in the right manner they can produce amazing results in a short period of time. Exercise can reduce overweight and thereby prevent cause of many dangerous diseases caused to body due to excess weight. Spending few minutes of time in a day for healthy living is important for all the people.

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