Study: Quitting Smoking and Depression

A study was published which aimed to demonstrate the link between smoking and depression. It also tested the level of abstinence in smokers who took up vaping as a quit aid. The results of the study have been compiled below. Introduction While the link between depression and smoking is largelycurrently unclear, the connection is suspected...+

Tips on Setting the Right Temperature for Your Vaporizer

A common question that portable vaporizer owners ask about is the temperature setting of the vaporizer. Vaporizers have different range of setting for the heating. The temperature differs depending on the unit used, and in the same unit it differs based on the materials used. But a specific temperature is considered optimal for producing the...+

User Feedback for the Smokeless Cigarettes

Smoking has become a rage, even among the youngsters, as soon as they set foot in college. But have you ever stopped to think and consider the consequences or the negative repercussions of smoking which it can have upon your health? Well, lung cancer at a very young often stems from heavy duty smoking and...+