Know more about Breastfeeding Versus Formula

Let’s dive into the truth in the facts behind both sides of the equation so that moms can be sure that they choosing the right way to feed the baby. This is a controversial topic and people are very opinionated about the way to feed their babies and just truly don’t understand that we are...+

How a Doctor Would Treat Your Hangover

Nothing can beat a night-out hangover. But waking up with a pounding head is an irritating matter for all of us. If you feel bad the next morning after having a heavy drink last night, the effects of alcohol will reduce your workability for a few hours. Hangovers seem to be the body’s hazards of...+

A Permanent Detox From Marijuana With A Detox Kit

Smoking marijuana is legal in some states around the world, everyone knows this. California, for example, has legalized marijuana for all people living in it. However, some of those people are not okay with that and want nothing to do with weed whatsoever. Even legalized, it can still provoke discontent in others. But, there are...+

Sneha Srimani