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Getting old is one of the specific journeys that is really hard to ignore, and people have different perspectives about it. Some individuals find it as an opportunity to regain and discovering themselves, while others treated it as a time of losing and crying. In the presence of all the negative thoughts concerning of becoming old, various anti-aging treatments began to emerge in the market as well as in the practice of medicine. However, such venue has created ethical and legal issues to the extent that its emergence resulted to public dialogues and different negative reactions. Most often, the issues about anti-aging treatments are centered on the dramatic effects brought by the therapies and all the other medicines involved in the process. Although,anti-aging treatments are not directly regulated by the existing laws, yet they are now being recognized by several states.

Reactions of People on Anti-Aging Treatments

Currently, thousands of medical doctors are catering patients who desire so much to look and feel younger. Many people show their strong willingness to pay whatever amount just to get the privilege. This scenario caused the whole anti-aging industry to have unimaginable dramatic growth worldwide. Apparently, as they continue in the practice, many of these anti-aging physicians are continuously giving empty promises. Most often, they take advantage on women who are experiencing different medical problems like the state of libido loss, experiencing poor sleep and diet, and decreasing energy. Even worse, these doctors are trying to engage their patients on various unreliable therapies, other unapproved drug regimens and questionable hormonal treatments.

Nowadays, modern doctors are suggesting so many great promises especially on middle-aged women who are on their menopausal stage, promoting to them the different anti-aging treatments and home remedies for wrinkles that could bring back their youth of having fitter and energetic body, better sex performance, and glowing skin (Consumer Reports, 2015). They tried molding the minds of their patients that aging could have no chance to occur if they will only learn to trust their physicians. By looking closely at their claims, it appears that they are only trying to market certain products and services. These doctors are going beyond the facts that aging is a natural process and not a medical condition. There is no way to reverse or even slow down the process of aging through therapy. In fact, the Endocrine Society of the American Medical Association once warned the people that anti-aging interventions could be harmful especially if physicians who do not have an advanced expertise or required degree to practice such procedure perform them. Furthermore, people need to understand that most these age-fighting treatments and therapies are not actually covered by insurance.

Anti-aging treatments usually involved different products, including the one for skin care that captures those individuals who desire so much to look younger and hide their aging skin. However, despite all their promises and claims, still it is hard to tell which of these existing methods and techniques are really effective, safe, and medically approved. In the first place, it is hard to find information about anti-aging treatment that does not involved promotion or marketing strategies to sell certain products. People are continually being deceived in the market by various anti-aging products, claiming to provide solutionson aging problems. Like the different anti-aging skin care products that keep claiming and promising to make the skin younger. But in real, these products are only covering up the damage; they are often expensive and not at all effective.

Primarily, these anti-aging skin care products are targeting consumers that are having problems with wrinkles. Many people never realized that wrinkles are caused by smoking and ultraviolet light or long exposure to sunlight which they could have avoided. By simply using a sunscreen, a person could prevent all possible problems caused by over exposure to sunlight. In the same manner, quitting on smoking could help individual to regain the glow of their skin. Furthermore, having a dry skin and itching could also increase aging, but such problem can be avoided if people could only learn how to use lotions and creams.


Overall, people need to understand that getting old is part of a lifelong experience which is a natural process and not a medical condition. Apparently, some individuals who strongly desire to look younger tend to come up with various anti-aging treatments and medications. Due to their fear of aging, they often fell on exploitive marketing of different anti-aging medical products and procedures like Botox, surgery, and other therapies. Many people are being blinded by the promises and claims of different anti-aging products to the point of missing their chances of giving considerations on other natural things they could do to age more gracefully. Furthermore, it is now timely to improve all the existing laws that will give greater protection to the public from all the dangerous anti-aging products in the market.

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