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Gaining extra weight and living an unhealthy life is not an excellent way to live. The IRS announced a policy in 2002 stating that “obesity is medically accepted as a disease in its own right” and allows Americans who are medically diagnosed as obese to claim tax deductions for doctor prescribed treatments. Obesity effects on the human body are deep and vast but many people are not concerned much about this increasing problem these days.

We can actually get the first awareness from the family life. For example when we are going to a fast food restaurant and taking food platters we should take a close look then asking ourselves whether the food portion is ideal for one person or more than one. If multiple people can eat from one large portion then we should not take an extra platter for another person. Moreover we can motivate people to walk to the bus station, leading an active lifestyle and doing exercise.

In addition people should be made aware of the bad effects of obesity. There are many organizations in the health and nutrition sector nowadays promoting the negative sides of this issue. There are various ways we can promote this awareness:-

  1. Making related television commercials and press advertisement is a great way to let the public know about the bad effects of the disease.
  2. Likewise we promote the cons of tobacco we can also write a tagline on obesity problem and make the television advertisement based on that. In addition the food shops and restaurants can also work together to lessen the amount of the high calorie ingredients used to cook the food such as oil, butter, cheese, sugar etc.
  3. We can write blogs, stories, and articles and promoting them on social media. Moreover people can be encouraged toalso run this obesity awareness campaign on their social media pages.
  4. The hospitals, clinics, and other similar facilities can support changes by making the environment healthy.This includes ensuring not only healthy choices in cafeterias but also bans on fast food, sugary drinks, and similarly unhealthy choices, which have taken a foothold in many hospitals, skewing patients’ views of their healthfulness. There are various clinicswhich can arrange campaigns on obesity problem to makepeople aware.We should make banners, posters and tokens on obesity problems and distribute it in the public places to create awareness among people of all ages.
  5. Family is the main institution for every individual and from that place we grow up learning. The family members can take an active role by constantly setting up meetings todiscuss this matter. If we have an obese family member we should try to find a way to convey to them the side effects of the obesity problem, otherwise he/she may get depressed.Leading by example by always striving to take healthy meals with the entire family present goes a long way in driving the point home.

Obesity is one of the major concerns in the world and the day draws near when the death rate from this condition will beat an all time high. The good news is that obesity is reversible in every age and time which is a blessingthat should be embraced by everyone affected.Despite protracted efforts, public health advocates and policymakers have achieved limited success in enacting programs and regulations aimed at promoting better diet behaviors and reducing obesity.

The problem still persistsespecially in children. They are obsessed with burgers, fast foods, coke, sprite or any other soft drinks. The food habits of the children mirrors the family values they grow up around. It is the responsibility of the parents to introduce a balanced diet to the children and make a habit of it.

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Ana Cluff authors this article due to her deep knowledge about the effects of obesity in the society today. Sheaims to show people where they can find the help to treat the obesity problem. She has explained the usefulness of websites like where one can easily find the information about the best clinics on obesity.