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Health is wealth, they said. It is right at most times, especially when you are aging. As an individual aged, many health issues and complications may go through them. It is inevitable, although you can prevent some of the diseases. Let’s talk about what are the common illnesses that elders in Houston Texas are facing. The health battles these seniors are going through are not natural, and every day, they fought to have a better feeling than yesterday. It is painful, but it is a part of growing old that everyone may also experience later on in their life. Fortunately, there are home health agencies Houston that is a huge help in taking care of the elders even when they are sick. In this article, we’ll see the common health problems of the elders in Houston.

Heart Diseases

The silent killer to most adults and elders is a heart attack. Sometimes it doesn’t have any symptoms or signs, and it just happened suddenly. It is sad that many elders are being a victim of getting heart disease. Some occurred due to bad habits and poor lifestyle, and some are hereditary.

Bone Diseases

As one aged, the bones are getting deteriorate as the years passed by especially if there is a calcium insufficiency in the body. At an early age, infant drinks their milk from their mother’s breast. And when they grow old, they settled to either fresh milk or formula. It has a massive part in our body as we become old; the calcium deposits in our bones make the bones stronger and durable.


Along with a heart attack, a stroke happens suddenly. It occurs when there is a blockage of blood vessels in the vein. Most people suffered a stroke due to their bad habits such as smoking, alcohol drinking, and abuse of food intake. Elders are also a target of stroke as their immune system weakens and their blood vessels are getting block over the time passes by.

Mental Disoriented

Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases are very common to elders. They are illnesses that were keeping the elderly confused with their surroundings and worse, to their daily routine. Severe cases cause a senior to forget how to breathe, pee, eat food, and their loved ones. It is a painful disease, but it is part of growing old. Sometimes, they associate mentally disoriented of elders similar to a newborn child knowing nothing to little.


One of the most painful and unbearable diseases that is very common is arthritis. It is where a person suffers from intolerable pain that usually occurs when they eat something or when the weather is cold. Most of the times, you can manage it by a painkiller but just for a moment. Arthritis can also be hereditary.


These are just some of the many diseases that the seniors are facing. If you have an elder at home suffering with health issues then better give them the best care and love they need. You can also take them to home health care so they can have close monitoring when you are not around. Check the facilities here and make an arrangement.

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