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If you flip through relevant websites there will be several pages on Silica, but very few describe what is silica, why is it needed in the body and how can we intake it. Though an astounding mineral, Silica is comparatively rare and very few know of its benefits. It is a combination of the top two elements found- oxygen and silicon. Initially it was not considered as a vital mineral as it was mostly found in plant and animal cells. However modern scientific research has proven its importance with the belief that a daily dose of 55mg should be consumed. Now though it is found in leafy vegetables, whole grains, and food like onions, apples, strawberries, cucumbers and raisins, the amount is insufficient for the human body. So before reverting to silica supplementsto compensate for the deficiency, we must understand why it is important for the body.

Preventive Reasons

  • 1. Silica prevents “Alopecia” or commonly understood as thinning of hair. Now though a person may be consuming a refined diet the deficiency of silica in his/her diet is reason enough to cause alopecia. Intake of silica gives ample lustre and shine to hair, helps in hair regeneration and strengthening. Medically in youth the body has enough silica which reduces with age. That’s why children have beautiful hair and skin.
  • 2. Silica further prevents any form of deformities in bones. What it does is extend mobility by ensuring bone and joint elasticity. As calcification occurs silica plays a key part in assisting calcium to ensure that joints and bones are maintained. It increases the quantity of collagen (that is, the protein found in bones) which in turn gives increasing flexibility to bones. By going so it also lessens time taken in case of bone/joint dislocations and even fractures.
  • 3. Silica also plays a role in preventing brittle nails and maintaining their upkeep. It keeps the nails strong and difficult to break and acts as a protective shield for nails improving its quality and guarding it from nail infections.
  • 4. It also prevents any form of aluminium toxicity. Research in medical domain has shown that those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have greater volume of aluminium found in their brain lesions. Aluminium can enter the body in multiple ways including vaccines. Silica can bond with the aluminium found and is able to inhibit the aluminium from being absorbed in the gastrointestinal track and can also be able to clear the tissues of excess aluminium. By doing so it acts as a preventive element for Alzheimer’s and aluminium toxicity.
  • 5. Silica also is able to prevent Atherosclerosis which is nothing but plaque, hardened over time formed in the arteries.Previously it was believed that plaque is caused due to cholesterol levels. It is however clear now that it is caused by calcification (that is,calcium not absorbed as bone matter). As the tissue gets blocked and cholesterol is oxidized, this leads to slower blood circulation. As research has shown silicon prevents plaque formation and hence by fortifying blood vessels, reduces chances of coronary diseases.

Maintenance Reasons

  • 6. Silica further has some other benefits. As skin is the first source of contact with environmental bacteria and virus by fortifying the skin silica acts as an immune system enhancer. Moreoverit maintains the appearance of the skin. It delays the process of ageing by stimulating cell metabolism as well as their division. Apart from preventing skin problems it maintains the skins health by ensuring that it does sag and maintains its natural glow. It also regenerates the vascular walls with the synthesis of collagen with elastin.
  • 7. Another benefit in this respect is the restoration and maintenance of mucosa which is found in the respiratory tract. This is even more powerful if the body is suffering from dehydration.

Assistance Reasons

  • 8. Silica assists by preventing the formation of stones in kidneys. Research shows that as natural diureticsilica presence in body can increase excretion by 30% and heal the urinary track of any infection. It also helps in reducing stomach and digestive disorders, by rebuilding tissues.
  • 9. Silica also helps in the process of healing. In this scope it protects the body from succumbing to diseases like tuberculosis, insomniaand as stated previously heals bones during fractures and prevents diseases formed in mucous membranes.
  • 10. Silica’s greatest benefit especially to women is that it helps strengthen bones and the overall skeletal health. This is done by increasing the level of other powerful minerals such as calcium in the body.

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