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Summary: Know how Yoga works in the union of one’s mind and body.

There are instances when you are at two different places at the same time. Remember the moment you are on the playground but your mind is pondering over the incomplete tasks of office or home. This is quite normal for anybody in today’s hectic life. How to make yourself fully concentrated is still an unsolved mystery for today’s youth. Why not join a yoga therapy program? Yoga has a solution for almost every disease in the world. It is a holistic way of making a balance between your mind and body. Although globalization of yoga has overlooked the traditional yoga styles and primarily focuses on physical exercises, yogis primarily recommend you to listen to your inner soul and maintain the body balance. Below are some of the Yoga styles you could use for the unification of your mind and body.

  • Meditation: One can’t imagine Yoga without meditation. Both are complementary to each other. Meditation brings you to a point of utmost tranquility where nobody can reach but you. It accompanies you to a place very far from the hullabaloo of modern life. Practicing regular Meditation Yoga for 25-30 minutes daily will benefit your mind and body.
  • Chant ‘OM’ Mantra: There is nothing more soothing than enunciating the sacred sound of OM mantra. Take a deep breath and pronounce a lengthy OM by focusing on the center of your brain where the almighty god resides. The vibration of OM sound makes you feel like heaven. Practicing the OM mantra daily can make you strong enough to deal with all the hurdles of daily life.
  • Ashtanga Yoga: The yoga of movement, also known as ‘power yoga’ in the west is rooted in the principle of kinetic energy. Any kind of movement, whether walking, running or physical yoga makes you feel fresh. The production of heat energy due to movement generates sweat which directs the grime to leave the body. We all know that physical illness has a direct impact on the working of our mind.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama is all about breathing. It lets you know the power of breathing. Prana, meaning breath is considered the life-giving force. By practicing Pranayama, one can attain Samadhi, which is a state of extreme patience and concentration. Yoga trainers believe that continuous inhalation and exhalation of air makes our blood warm up. This way the blood gets purified. Pranayama influences both- respiratory as well as the circulatory system. The circulation of blood along with the circulation of air inside our body gets controlled through regular Pranayama. This way, you can balance your mind and body.
  • Surya-Namaskara: Sun (Surya) is the god of power, energy, and determination. Daily practice of Surya-namaskar can influence your inner soul to be more determined. Paying homage to the ultimate energy source brings your mind and body together.

These are some of the yoga styles you can practice yourself to unify your mind and body for a healthy and stress-free life. While practicing yoga, It is very important to keep the proper alignment of your body to get the desired result.

Actually, there is a connection between your mind and body which you need to understand before practicing yoga. Even an infinitesimal pain in any of your body parts can force your mind to focus on it. This principle also works while practicing yoga. Physical yoga’s effects are not limited to the body and that of the meditational yoga is not limited to the mind. Yoga, as whole works on the overall wellness of a person.

With the increasing popularity of Yoga worldwide, a number of Yoga training institutes and yoga retreats have been organized. If you are unable to concentrate on your daily routine, or if your mind and body are failing to connect with each other then join a yoga class. Yoga can be practiced at home. But training by yoga experts is immensely beneficial and highly recommended.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.