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Elderly home care these days is on the majority of the people’s minds. With the worldwide population aging at a rapid pace, most people have dear ones in their home who requires being taken special care during their golden years. Families in the years past would either take care of their elderly themselves or admit them to a hospital. However, with technological advancements things have changed. Now senior citizens can enjoy age gracefully within the four walls of their home and in the presence of their family members with the help of in-home care services. These services are emerging as a popular choice in different parts of the world and for good reasons.

What Led to the Popularity of in-Home Care?

Home care is gaining immense popularity across the world, chiefly due to the below mentioned reasons,

    • Promotes faster recovery- Hospital stays irrespective of the duration can be disturbing. In fact the sheer experience when it comes to the countless medical procedures will definitely leave a senior citizen in an absolutely compromised state. Thus, it is best to go for senior in-home care services that permit an elderly in rehabilitating in their own home. Staying in a common environment will enable them in receiving the finest support in healing their mind and body both. At home seniors heal more quickly rather than in a nursing home or hospital setting. The best part is the chances of re-hospitalization is significantly less when recuperation is done at home
    • In safe hands- although a nursing home is considered a safe haven, but there are chances of infection. While on the other hand, if an elderly is looked after at home, this risk nears zero. Individual attention means the patient will receive quick, immediate care. The qualified caregivers will help in making the home surroundings safer, offering easy fixes like anti-slip rugs and grab bars
    • Remote caregiving- in the current deadline-centric era, in-home care indicates more sense compared to earlier times. Now healthcare delivery has turned faster, smarter and affordable. Technological advancements have introduced smart gadgets such as smart pillboxes, automatic sensors as well as remote monitoring systems in the likes of eCaring. With more adult children living away from home, hiring the services of home caregivers acts as a respite. Their services make it possible in diagnosing, monitoring and treating every condition from the elderly patient’s home. This way those staying far away from their aging loved ones can have peace of mind always
    • Boost up quality of life- care at home postpones institutionalization as well as prevents pre-mature decline. Via encouraging self-directed care and independence, the skilled caregivers keeps aging adults in proper charge of their lives as far as possible. Contrary to other health care forms, senior citizens recover faster at home. In-home care aids extend life via curtailing stressors related with aging. It also boosts up their quality of life in the later years. In fact, those being taken care of at home report high satisfaction rates both with the services which they get and life overall
  • It is highly personalized- it is a known fact that no one individual, situation or lifestyle is the same. In-home care recognizes the necessity of special care for maintaining good health and thus provides personalized services resting on one’s needs and preferences. This means one-on-one attention and care. As it is individualized, these services are more efficient, lowering administrative costs and expensive travel of visiting multiple health providers. Such services are offered by professionals which may include physicians, therapists, social workers, nurses and health aides. This is essential for those people dealing with chronic long-term illness.


Care at home is no longer difficult to find or is expensive. With multiple agencies in existence, such services are prevalent as well as can be obtained at a relatively lower price.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.