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Everyone has bad skin moments at one time or another but with airbrushed photos and perfectly lit TV shows everywhere it is difficult to imagine our favourite celebrities looking anything other than perfect. However, plenty of the world’s A-Listers suffer from the same skin conditions as we mere mortals do and whilst they have unlimited resources to pour into dermatological treatments, you need only look as far as Dermalogica (UK Wide). Here are five of the most common skin conditions, along with what celebrities they affect and what Dermalogica products can help you manage them:

Problem: Rosacea

A chronic skin condition triggered by genetic predisposition and the immune and nervous systems, Rosacea is an inflammation of the skin that results in noticeable redness and irritation. The epidermal lipid barrier which is protects the skin from irritants, microbes and allergens that would otherwise penetrate and inflame the skin. If this protective layer is damaged or compromised by genetic or environmental factors, inflammation and irritation become more likely as do skin conditions like Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema.

Celeb Sufferer(s): Renee Zellweger, Bill Clinton


Solution: Dermalogica UltraCalming Range

When trying to manage skin conditions like Rosacea, the most important things to address are strengthening your skin’s protective layer and reducing the redness and discomfort caused by inflammation. Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range is perfect for this because ingredients in products like the UltraCalming Redness Relief SPF20 work to neutralise relieve and defend the skin against inflammation and redness. Products like the Redness Relief SPF20 also contain minerals that provide a sheer green tint to counteract redness.

If you prefer to have a set skincare regime then the Dermalogica UltraCalming Kit is ideal. Managing conditions like Rosacea becomes straightforward with a kit that includes:

  • UltraCalming Cleanser
  • UltraCalming Relief Masque
  • UltraCalming Sebum Concentrate
  • UltraCalming Barrier Repair
  • UltraCalming Mist

Problem: Dry Skin

Dry skin is something that affects most people at some point in their lives. Whether the root cause is genetics, cold weather, dehydration or poor skincare practice, the results are the same; dry, flaky skin that can even become cracked and sore if it isn’t dealt with. Your skin can be stripped of its moisture and essential oils after being exposed to dehydrating and damaging environments. It can also appear dry and flaky when you don’t exfoliate as the dead skin cells build up on the surface.

Celeb Sufferer(s): Courtney Cox


Solution: Dermalogica Dry Skin Kit

The most important thing you must remember is to keep yourself hydrated and do so from the inside out; drink lots of water and limit your intake of dehydrating substances like coffee and alcohol. When you are suffering from dry skin it is tempting to slap any and every thick moisturiser on your face but this can do more harm than good. Many cosmetic products – even those allegedly manufactured for sensitive skin – are laden with chemicals and oily, greasy ingredients that can further strip your skin of good stuff. So whilst it is important to treat dry skin it is equally important that you treat it with the right products.

If you are looking for a product to hydrate and moisturise the thirstiest of skin then the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster is the best choice. The fluid Hydrating Booster also acts to smooth the skin alongside its intensive rehydration treatment.

If you prefer to have a more rounded skincare regime that will repair as well as rehydrate your dry skin then consider using the Dermalogica Dry Skin Kit which includes conveniently travel sized containers of:

  • Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution
  • Dermalogica Multi Active Toner
  • Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance
  • Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant
  • Dermalogica PreCleanse
  • Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque
  • Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

Problem: Oily Skin (prone to acne)
Oily skin is just as big (and as common) a problem as dry skin. Determined by genetics and affected by your environment and lifestyle habits, oily skin can lead to severe acne or it can simply stay as a visibly noticeable nuisance. Overactive sebum glands – triggered by hormonal fluctuations, genetics and even eating habits – can produce excessive amounts of oil which build on the surface. This oiliness appears greasy and left untreated it can create the perfect breeding ground for acne-inducing bacteria.

Celeb Sufferer(s): Gwyneth Paltrow


Solution: Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit

The solution to oily skin is not to dry your skin out with harsh chemicals and the like. The oils are there to protect skin and keep it healthy. By stripping the oils and giving yourself dry skin you are causing your skin unnecessary trauma and you will encourage the glands to make even more oil to compensate for what has been lost! Instead, follow Gwyneth Paltrow’s lead by eating healthily and having an active lifestyle which will regulate hormones and reduce oil production. As well as a vitiman-rich lifestyle, adopt a healthy skincare regime with the Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit. If you need to calm down your oily skin, control shine and achieve a matte complexion, this kit includes everything you need:

  • Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser
  • Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
  • Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion
  • Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub
  • Dermalogica Total Eye Care
  • Dermalogica PreCleanse
  • Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque

Problem: Uneven Skin Tone, Hyperpigmentation

Brown spots, a mottled complexion and an uneven skin tone are all signs of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that occurs as a result of UV exposure, hormonal fluctuations, use of prescription drugs and even healing wounds (as a sort of scarring). Though not dangerous or painful, it can make you uncomfortable and frustrated with your skin.

Celeb Sufferer(s): Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz


Solution: Dermalogica Targeted Treatments

There are different products you can use to combat hyperpigmentation and as with any skin condition, it is best to seek advice from a skincare consultant who will give you a regime tailored to you and your particular problem. However, there are several Dermalogica products that can help.

Firstly, Dermalogica Powerfoliant is a part-liquid part-powder treatment system that activates when the two parts are combined. Used two or three times a week it will remove dully skin cells on the surface, maximise absorption of any brightening treatments and improve your skin’s appearance.

Alternatively there is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which is a rice-based powder that microfoliates dulling skin debris, leaving you with smoother and brighter skin instantly.

Additionally there is the Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate which is a silky-smooth treatment that brightens skin and treats cellular discoloration. The high-potency formula is full of silicones which are absorbed into the skin to condition and reinforce the lipid layer, improving skin clarity and protection.

Problem: Acne Breakouts

Almost everyone suffers from some form of acne or breakout, be it for a fleeting moment during puberty or as a more difficult, long-term condition. It can be painful and leave scarring but with the proper treatment it can be managed until it disappears. Severe cases are best dealt with by dermatologists who can prescribe antibiotics and so on but if you want to fix your skin for good then you need to be aware of the hormonal imbalances, environmental factors (dirt, diet, etc.), emotional triggers and bodily functions (like overactive sebaceous glands) that cause acne.

Celeb Sufferer(s): Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Maria Sharapova, Cameron Diaz


Solution: Dermalogica mediBac clearing Adult Acne Kit

Being mindful of stress, emotions and lifestyle habits can help prevent or lessen acne; for example, eating healthy instead of sugary food and trying not to touch your face with your hands are both good habits to keep acne away. However, acne caused by hormones and excessive oil production is less easy to predict and control. This is where you can use skin health products like Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Kit which is specially designed for combatting acne and includes:

  • MediBac Clearing Skin Wash
  • MediBac Sebum Clearing Masque
  • MediBac Clearing Mattifier
  • MediBac Overnight Clearing Gel
  • MediBac Concealing Spot Treatment
  • MediBac Oil Control

Whatever your skin condition, it is comforting to know that even the world’s most glamorous celebrities are not immune to things like dry and oily skin. What is even more comforting is that there are products like Dermalogica out there specially designed to combat these skin conditions and improve your skin health.

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