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Camera Systems in Contact Lenses

It is now something to appreciate as Google prepares to soon introduce disposable contact lenses with an embedded camera system. This is a new dawn that the user will be able to control this camera system using the natural blinking mechanisms of the eye. This is good innovation to help the blind people to easily move around without difficulties they are currently facing. The camera system will facilitate production of high quality images which will aid in focusing for those with poor focusing capabilities.

These lenses will be medically fits as Google is working closely with FDA to make sure that the camera is placed in a safe position within the lens so as to avoid any kind of damage to the eyes of the user. Different as it is with the current lenses which are available in specific types for different people, these lenses will be suitable for all blind conditions without limitations of use based on the degree of blindness or other conditions of the eyes.


Contact Lenses with Antimicrobial Capabilities

Eye infections related to use of contaminated contact lenses are soon becoming extinct. The new lenses will be treated with melamine, an active antimicrobial peptide, which will make them safe for humans to wear them without the risk of the common eye infections due to contamination.

Extensive research has been done to confirm the effective of melamine when used in human eyes and its broad spectrum antimicrobial activity is a reality and good news to those who will end up using the disposable contact lenses. This coat of melamine is highly heat stable and designed in a careful way to ensure that it does not alter the specific dimensions of contact lenses. This coat is confirmed to easily wet and does not produce adverse reactions when it comes into contact with mammalian cells.

Air Optix Colors

The contact lenses comprise of a contact material made of silicone hydrogen which plays a very important role to help maintain the white color of the eye and at the same time giving it a healthy look at all times. The use of ultra-slim technology used in making of these lenses is a good deal that will keep the wearer comfortable all the day long despite the duration of time the lenses are worn. The feeling when wearing these lenses is far much different from what one experiences with the normal lenses.

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