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Different regions of brain are involved in various functions. Each and every reaction given by living beings are associated with changes happening in brain cells. Some of the brain cells play vital role in controlling the emotions. People willing to know on functioning of brain parts can browse online sites to get in details from health related sites.

Fascinating Facts on Nucleus Accumbens

Nucleus Accumbens is one of the regions of brain concerned with various feelings such as from inspiration to intake and addiction to drugs.


Nucleus Accumbens is commonly referred as NAcc and is classified into two vital divisions such as the outer part or the shell and the core. These two structure composing NAcc plays a phenomenal role in reward circuit.


Performance of NAcc is vastly relying on dopamine and serotonin, the two basic neurotransmitters. While dopamine is related to promoting desire, serotonin acts by effecting satiety and inhibition. A lot of studies have done on its reaction to drugs and these studies have shown that NAcc increase the synthesis of dopamine and dropping production of serotonin.

Nucleus Accumbens cannot work alone and its performance is enhanced only in coordination with other regions involved in system of joy and other areas.


As many people are interested towards knowing on the role of NAcc there are numerous researches taking place on this topic. Studies have shown that it has interpretations on a number of activities and plays a crucial role in reward.

It is essential to get the data obtained as a result of certain researches because they can find out a range of behavioral contexts.

Positive subjective effects are found out between NAcc and dopamine and those that are inspired on finding out behavior of this two can search online. A number of research papers are present explaining their behavior.

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