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It’s Saturday afternoon and I find myself sitting on the floor surrounded by pieces of torn wrapped paper with a screwdriver in my hands. How did I end up like that will you ask me? Well, that’s just me trying to open up a little package with scintilla of legal powder I ordered a week earlier and was delivered this morning.

Some of my friends who are involved as well don’t understand me taking risk and ordering research chemicals online. ‘Especially from China’ they like to add dramatically. But I am not appealed to use the local stuff (cause in fact it appears to be not so legal) and I don’t like to have a straight contact with a dealer. I am completely satisfied with research chemicals and its effects. I had been ordering them online for about two years and much has been spent money. Of course, there were some tricks and mistakes made during this time, but they helped me to figure out and learn some secrets of purchasing legal powders online. So there some tweaks I want to share with you.

Well, I’ve already spilled the beans about the first one. I ALWAYS order legal powders from China. Actually this kinda guide will be useful mostly for those who are going to order precisely from China.

But the first chems I purchased online were legal powder from India cause I was told to do so by I don’t even remember whom. Well, what can I say? The trip sucked. The feeling was like I had too much cheap booze. I felt sick during the whole trip and the comedown was a nightmare. I was so disappointed. Thus I started to check legal powder forums, what and where to buy, what to expect, you know. And, yeah, that was a surprise a lot of reviews were saying I should buy in China! So I took the guts. As you can already say, it succeeded. Long story short I am buying only from China now.

Actually, those forums are really convenient. I visit legal powder forums a lot now. And I also leave legal powder reviews and trip reports. Folks there comment on my tests, tell me if I did something wrong or how I can change nasty effects to nice ones.

Another advantage of Chinese legal powders besides high quality of substances is a reasonable price. During these years I’ve been comparing the prices from different e-tailers. And it seems, guys, most European vendors want to just rip us off. I’m usually ordering chems one and a half or even twice cheaper than they offer.

And here is one more trick to save some dough. You should always bargain with Chink before placing an order. Do not use the standard form, it’s for losers. Just write to the sales manager and ask him if they could make a discount or just offer your price, not too low of course. As a rule they always settle on sooner or later, just show some self-will.

Then, I always order a sample first. It’s a regular practice for legal powder vendors. So you will know for sure if the agent works for you properly and if you should buy larger amount. I wish somebody told me that before my first time, cause all the Indian garbage ended up down the toilet.

I am ordering from several e-tailers. If you want to be 100% sure it’s Chinese vendor you need to check the domain name. Generally it’s .cn, and If it’s just .com, it’s not what you need, at best; it will be intermediaries with high prices.

An ace in the hole of Chinese shops I go for is delivery. They work with worldwide DHL, FedEx, EMS as well as local UBXPRESS, BLUEAIREX, USPS. They NEVER put the name of company on the parcel. The package is hell of confident. And here is a part when we come to why I’m using tools to find out my order. Different Chinese vendors have different ways of packing. Main thought is to hide the actual content of parcel. The shop I am buying from now puts a substance right in the encasement. I wasn’t able to find it for the first time and even wrote their manager he’s nit and scammer. He probably thought I was dumbhead, as I found the pack later.

Some of Chinese vendor even resend the order in case the content was discovered at the Customs or the parcel was detained for some other reasons. So what I want to say is be persistent and you won’t through your money down the drain.

Take care, folks. Peace out!

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.