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More and more celebrities are opting to have hair replacement surgery, and are comfortable with being public about their reasons for doing so. The most common form of hair replacement surgery is known as Follicular Unit Extraction, whereby healthy hair follicles are removed from a healthy area of the scalp and transplanted to a part affected by baldness. If considering any type of surgery, it’s important to consult with hair replacement specialists at Foley Court, who can advise you on the best course of action to take. It is worth, though, looking at some quotes from celebrities that have had successful experiences with hair transplants over the past few years.

Martin Roberts


This presenter, who appears on the television programme Homes Under the Hammer, underwent hair transplant surgery as a way to boost his confidence and deal with long term uncertainty about how his hair loss was affecting his career. Roberts explained that ‘it was really starting to bug me that I was losing my hair, especially as I am only TV’. He was pleased with the results, stating that ‘the technology is amazing’ and that ‘I didn’t feel under pressure from anyone else’ to have surgery.

Wayne Rooney


Perhaps the most famous recent example of a hair replacement surgery going well, Manchester United and England footballer Wayne Rooney has been unapologetic about dealing with his hair loss. Rooney tweeted to his fans: ‘just to confirm to all my followers that I have just went through a hair transplant because at the age of 25, I was going bald’. Rooney has since had a second replacement procedure to further enhance his original treatment.

James Nesbitt


The Irish actor James Nesbitt explained that he was concerned about the effect of his hair loss on his career. Nesbitt stated that ‘from past some years, my hair started falling and like many of a men it was a major problem also to me, rather it became a concerned stress. Moreover I am an actor so it is the main tension that I am in public’s eye always and I really felt that my hair loss could affect my career prospects. After two successful transplants, Nesbitt was able to say that ‘they’ve changed my life’.

Christian Jessen


This Embarrassing Bodies presenter experienced severe hair thinning as part of symptoms from pneumonia, and became more self conscious about his appearance. He ended up having two hair transplants, and reflected on how ‘I hadn’t realised that there was an option for a second transplant of my hair. When I came to know that it is possible for my hair transplant, I went for it thinking that it would be good to make my hair thicker at the front’. He also added that ‘the techniques have improved a lot in the four years since I had the first one’.

Mark Clattenburg


A Premiership football referee, Clattenburg started losing his hair in his 30s, and decided to opt for surgery rather than continue to experience problems with his confidence in public. Since receiving a transplant in 2011, Clattenburg has been able to officially declare that his problem of hair loss does not exist any more.

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