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Previously, parents were astounded when they found an enticing and mouth-watering dessert, cupcake or a cake prepared without wheat and other kinds of ingredients which gluten intolerant children can enjoy. But time has changed a lot! The diet which was once an alternative option for the kids now has numerous delighting and wow children dishes. Desserts are one of those delicacies that every child loves to enjoy at anytime of the day.

Is it your child’s birthday? You can prepare some gluten-free desserts for his pleasure. From chocolate and vanilla cakes to festive cupcakes and fruit tart everything is just awesome! If all these gluten-free desserts can be included in gluten-free diet any special occasion will become more special for you and your kids.


Some Delicious Desserts for Kids

  • Gluten-free Chocolate Sundae Cupcake –What can be the best birthday treat other than a cupcake? Its size is just perfect for the little hands. A cupcake is complete and tastes better when it is made of chocolate, have shipped topping together with a cherry on the top. The gluten-free sundae cupcakes can be the scream for any birthday party. Want to taste this delicious cupcake?
  • Watermelon and Berry Fruit Cake – This watermelon berry cake is a super alternative for those who wish to have sweet yet sugar-free and gluten-free birthday treat. Its preparation is very simple! All you have to do is cut the watermelon into wedges and stack them above one another so that it looks like a cake. Now, with berries you can fill up the outer edges, top and the gaps. A healthy treat for the special person on his special day!
  • Vegan Gluten-Free Fudge Cake with Strawberry Coconut Frosting – The very sight of it will make the partygoers ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’! The very look of this cake is stunning. The sight of the others is bound to get stuck at this cake. The vegan fudge cake having coconut and strawberry frosting adds color to the party menu. Not only this fudge cake is a pleasure for eyes, it is also a pleasure for health since it is gluten-free. It’s a classic birthday party recipe that will surely please all!
  • Gluten-free Shirley Temple Cupcake – These cupcakes offer a stupendous blending of sweetness of cherries of Shirley Temple with yummy cupcakes. A complete perfection for cupcakes! The colors and cuteness of these cupcakes ideally ornament a birthday party. With a cherry on top you can hardly resist having this enticing dessert.
  • Summer Berry and Yogurt Gluten-Free Tart – Many kids love to have tarts instead of the traditional cakes for birthdays. The look and taste of the fruit in the tart is fascinating to many kids. This gluten-free berry yoghurt tart might add to the list of favorites of your kids.

If you desire to present your child with a healthy sweet treat for his birthday, these are one of the best collections you can have. All flavors and ingredients are skillfully selected to suit the kids’ taste and preference.

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