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Makeup has been an integral part of skin care for many centuries. This is because it not only makes you look gorgeous, beautiful, and good to look at, but also gives your self-confidence a big boost. It also serves to protect your skin from the assaults it faces on daily basis from the harmful UV rays, pollution, and dirt. Therefore, knowing how to apply your makeup right is important for maintaining your beauty as well as health. By applying the right foundation, moisturizer, and other makeup products, you can make your skin glow with health and look perfect too.

Steps You Should Adhere To

Applying makeup is an art that has to be perfected. By doing it right, you can make a great deal of difference on how you look. Here are the steps you should not miss out on while applying makeup.

Preparing your skin for the products you are going to apply is important and the first step you should do. Cleansing, applying toner and serum and moisturizer application are the steps you need to follow for preparing the skin. Serum application is mostly neglected, but is considered essential as it helps to keep the skin hydrated and glowing.

Foundation is the next step, which is also the hardest part. If you apply too much, you will end up looking like a clown, and if you do not apply sufficient amount, the glowing look will be absent. The foundation cream should match your skin color closely and blend with it nicely. Hydrating powder for dry skin, oil free powder or liquid for oily skin and powder foundation for combination skin type will give an even coverage.

Once the foundation is done, you need to choose the eye shadow. Pastel shades like copper or bronze are preferred and they should be applied from the lash line to the crease of the eyes. Apply mascara after lining the upper and lower eye lash line with a dark brown eye liner pencil. The blush should be applied on the cheek bones to give them an accentuated look.

The lips should be done as the last step. Neutral shades should be applied first and over them a lip color of your choice can be put. Gloss should be applied, if it is day time and bronzer during night time.


Things You Need To Pay Attention To

While applying makeup, make sure you blend the blush, foundation, setting powder and eye shadow and concealer with a good blending brush. While buying free makeup samples UK, choose neutral tones as they are easy to work with. Bright colors should be added only as accents. While you wax or pluck your eyebrows, ensure that the length of the eyebrows is the same as your eyes. Too much waxing can permanently dissuade hair growth. Before applying mascara, you need to use lash curler as it opens the eyes and makes you look bright and awake.

Makeup looks good when applied on a healthy skin, but many people use it to cover up their skin problems. This may require more amounts of foundation, face powder, and concealer which can spoil the effect completely. Over-application should be avoided and while applying makeup you need to remember that less is always more.

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Frank Edson is your beauty advisor who equally scores on health aspects. Though he advises you to begin with free makeup samples UK, he emphasizes on the type of diet that improves the appearance of your skin.