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A common question that portable vaporizer owners ask about is the temperature setting of the vaporizer. Vaporizers have different range of setting for the heating. The temperature differs depending on the unit used, and in the same unit it differs based on the materials used. But a specific temperature is considered optimal for producing the right flavor. Here are some tips regarding temperature control in vaporizer.

Basics in Vaporizer Temperature Setting

There are certain basic settings that are common to all types of vaporizers. The optimal temperatures that are recommended usually start from 1900C to 2350C or 3740F – 4550F. When the temperature is set at the highest limit, you get dense vapors. Dense vapors give an effective and powerful vaping experience.

Once heated, the vapor will slowly lose its potency. To avoid this you need to keep controlling the temperature, so the vapor quality is consistent. Even if the temperature is high, the vapors do not produce any harm as in the traditional cigarettes.

Why Temperature is Important?

Controlling the temperature in vaporizer is important because it influences the quality of vapors produced. When you use precision temperature control or digital temperature control as seen in top portable vaporizers, you can set the right temperature and get the effect you are looking for. In case of herbs, low temperature is sufficient to produce potent vapors. At higher temperatures, the herbal vapors give muscle relaxant or sedative effect. By fixing temperature at a certain point, you can control the vapor effects.

Optimal Vaporizing Temperature Settings

The temperature setting is very significant for the quality of the vapor. There are three main heating techniques used in vaporizers.

  1. Vapor Shocking: This method produces a thick vapor and temperature is up at 235°C. The vaporization can be done till the vapors stop coming. When the vaporization is complete, the material should be replaced to get the same thick quality vapor.
  2. Vapor Tasting: For some people the thick vapors are not that comfortable for vaping. They can try the thin vapes produced by vapor tasting. The temperature should be set at 190 °C. To get the temperature to this level you need to allow a minimum of 15 minutes. The vapors formed in this method are thin and the taste is also better. When the vapors start to reduce, the temperature can be increased by 10 degrees. Health conscious persons usually prefer this method as it does not harm the lungs.
  3. Vapor Stepping: In this method a temperature in between the above two types is used. You start vaporizing at 200°C and when the vapor thins, you can increase the temperature by 20 degrees or 35 degrees till the vapors are fully used up.

There are digital vaporizers available now which show you the temperature used and the state of the vaporizer. There are some models that have the actual temperature and the optimal temperature that you should use. Some even have display with touch screen and remote control to operate the temperature.

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