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The use of cardiovascular equipment helps facilitate physical activity that the human body can use to promote weight loss, good health and stress relief.

Getting that aerobic affect through the use of cardiovascular workout equipment is an efficient way for an individual to quickly increase their current heart rate to their target heart rate and maintain that level for a minimum of 20-60 consecutive minutes thereafter. By doing this, you allow oxygen to flow freely throughout your body for the majority of your exercise regime.

This article will discuss the multiple ways in which the body can get an effective aerobic workout using a variety of cardiovascular workout equipment.

There are several of cardiovascular machines available to you that are designed to allow the body to get that required strength and aerobic training workout. In addition to this, using cardiovascular equipment promotes mental stress relief whilst minimising the effects depression can have.



An effective cardiovascular machine is the stair climber. It mimics the action you perform when walking up stairs. These machines are a much more challenging workout than a treadmill, and may cause fatigue much quicker.

You can program the settings for the stairclimber so that difficulty levels match your physical capabilities. Not only are they an effective way of working the muscles typically associated with the legs, but they are also effective at causing the human body to expend a much higher level of energy as well.

This results in more calories burned during a workout. Those that suffer from back pain should consider other cardiovascular machines, as stair climbers may increase this pain.


A treadmill is designed to enable the user to either walk, run or jog. Treadmills have proved that they can burn more calories per time spent than many other cardiovascular machines that are in the same category. This is because of the versatile workout that treadmills are able to offer, such running and walking, as well the option of decline or incline.

Furthermore, they are also offer constant speed options that allow users to perform a workout that is ideal for maintaining that much needed elevated heart rate. Working on cardiovascular machine is a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and any symptoms typically associated with depression, while improving your endurance and stamina at the same time.

Exercise Bikes

Using a stationary bike is another way to exercise the lower end of the human body and achieve an aerobic effect at the same time. They are quite popular among most fitness seekers, and many individuals will use them at the beginning of their workout routines during the warm up period.

Some models allow for movement of both the arms and legs, thus allowing several major muscle groups to achieve a more complete workout. All stationary bikes can assist in increasing your aerobic capacity, calorie burning, weight loss and strengthening your leg muscles.

Rowing Machines, Ellipticals and Circuit Weight Training

Other types of cardiovascular machines include rowing machines, which promote an overall body workout as well as the ability to increase your aerobic capacity. Each user needs to the correct form when using the rowing machine, as this will ensure that all the major muscle groups are worked as intended.

Elliptical machines offer an ideal overall body workout without the impact that comes with running. These machines are a combination of a treadmill and stairclimber. As is the case with aerobics, it is recommended that each user work out on each type of equipment to determine which one best supports their personal fitness goals.

Another cardiovascular machine that you can partake in is circuit weight training. The equipment used is designed to eliminate the need for dumbells and other free weights. Typically, each piece of equipment will work a primary muscle group as well as any of the secondary muscle groups. For instance, a bicep curl circuit will exercise the biceps as a primary muscle group and the forearms as a secondary muscle group.

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