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In the modern world, we eat a lot of things we shouldn’t. If you compare our diets to the diets our parents and grandparents ate, you will find the results shocking. We eat more saturated fats than any other generation. We drink more than any generation. That in itself means that we have shorter lifespans than previous generous. Once in a while it is a good idea to detox your body and cleanse yourself. Doing so, will allow you to have a fresh start. This detox will help you to get rid of the toxins in your body, whilst also helping you to shed those pounds. Here is the ultimate seven-day detox. Make sure that you follow these rules for the next week for the best results.

1. Cut out Carbs and Meat

You knew this one was coming. Yes, we all love a good beef burger now and then, but it is unhealthy to eat like that all the time. For the next seven days, you need to cut out both meat and carbs. Many diets tell you to cut just one of these two out. By cutting out both, you are ensuring that you don’t eat any fatty food for the next week. It will be difficult to cut out both meat and carbs. Eat salads and meat substitutes when you get hungry as this will help you get through the week.

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2. Drink a Smoothie for Breakfast

Smoothies are a great source of energy. Often people like to start the day with a hot cup of coffee. Whilst coffee gives you a quick burst of energy; a smoothie can help you to sustain that energy throughout the day. Make a different smoothie for every day of your detox. Giving yourself a variety of smoothies will stop you from getting bored with the taste of your breakfast drink.

3. Eat Radishes with Every Meal

Radishes are a superfood. People often overlook radishes, and few people eat them with their meals. Radishes help to oxidize your blood and clear out your body. By adding them to every meal over the next week, you can ensure that your detox is a success. Eating radishes raw is the best way to get all their natural goodness. Enjoy the crisp, mustard-like taste as a fresh side to any meal.

4. Drink Chaga throughout the Day

Chaga is a type of mushroom with surprising qualities. The fungus has a variety of antioxidants that will help you to feel more energized during the day. There are many chaga benefits that will help you with your detox. Chaga reduces your stress levels, gives you more energy and gives you healthy hair. The mushrooms come in a range of forms. The easiest form to use during your detox is the chaga drink that works inside your body to cleanse your systems. If you make a habit of drinking chaga throughout your detox, you will find that you feel more awake during the day.

5. When you’re Hungry, Drink Water

One thing that many people fail to do when they are hungry is drink water. Often when you feel like you need to eat, you just need a drink. The feelings of hunger are close to feelings of thirst. Instead of making yourself a snack when you are hungry at work, have some water and see if the hunger goes away. As a nation, we don’t drink enough water. The average person drinks just a cup of water a day. In reality, we should be drinking more like three to four bottles of water each day. Carry a water bottle around with you throughout your detox week.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.