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BBQ bamboo worms, anyone? There’s always some succulent Buffalo worms if you’d prefer. And Frankenstein Fudge with a side of flying termites for pudding.

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Thanks for the Grub

The Pestaurant is a pop-up restaurant full of curry crickets, plain roasted locusts, mealworm muffins and insect flour fruit smoothies. Noshing on grubs (or Entomophagy) has always been around. However, since television shows such as “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” the art of insect eating has gained mainstream exposure and popularity.

Feeding the World

For good reason, too. Some experts believe introducing alternative sources of protein, specifically insects, into our diet will feed our ever increasing global population in the future.

Far from forcing diners to consume their cricket and cream cheese wraps from a challenge quest contraption in the middle of the Australian jungle, the Pestaurant offers contemporary twists throughout their insect menu. Diners are tempted with reasonable-sounding deep-fried critter dishes such as Cricket Caesar Salad.

A Fine Insect Dining Experience

The Pestaurant is pest control expert Rentokil’s restaurant, and their venture was launched to highlight their work, educate the public about the nutritional value of insects and introduce the world to their six-legged delicacies with a free sample of their menu.

Rentokil knows that in order to maintain high hygienic standards, the correct equipment must be used at every stage of food preparation at the Pestaurant – before, during and after – such as commercial warewashers from

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Five Fascinating Grub Facts

  1. Beetles form 31% of edible insects, with flies being the lowest contributor at 2% and termites not far behind at 3%.
  2. Since 2012 a total of 1,900 edible insects have been formally identified around the world.
  3. There is such a thing as ‘ant caviar’. In some locations around the world ants and their larvae are enjoyed as a delicacy, costing up to approximately £70 per kilo.
  4. The humble caterpillar is a heavyweight source of protein containing 20g more protein per kilo than salmon, 30g more than pork and a whopping 263g more protein per kilo than tofu.
  5. In case you’re wondering how to do this at home, insects are cooked in a variety of ways: boiled, sautéed, fried, roasted or baked with a bit of olive oil and sea salt.

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