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A baby is a miracle growing inside your womb. As much as possible you take care of yourself in order to take care of the life developing within you. For nine months, you experience various body changes that you surprisingly endure because you are motivated by love for this new tiny being. In the past, parents had to wait until the baby was born to know the gender.

In the present, technological advancements add more joy and excitement for would-be parents, knowing that they can see their unborn child kick and play as well as do other movements inside the mother’s womb. This is made possible through 3D and 4D ultrasound. Knowing the gender of your child, seeing the baby move around, and hearing his or her heartbeat creates that treasurable moment and wonderful connection that make it even more thrilling to wait until your precious one is ready to see the world.

You might ask “Are there clinics or hospitals that do 4D ultrasound near me?” or “When is the best time to undergo this type of ultrasound?” Usually done at 27 weeks, finally deciding to get a 4D ultrasound entails a lot of benefits with zero risk. Although these types of tests involve ultrasound waves, 20 to 30-minute exposure to this doesn’t put you or your baby’s development in jeopardy. Here are some of the benefits of getting a 4D ultrasound:

  1. You will have a clearer image of the baby inside you. You will be able to see the baby’s mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, hands and feet. You may even see your child smile or wave his or her tiny hands!
  2. It can give you a more accurate anatomical result. Unlike 2D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound can accurately determine the gender of your baby. The doctor will be able to check the heart, skeletal system, and brain development as well.
  3. Signs of abnormalities can be detected. The doctor can check if there are signs of malformation, brain impairment or other abnormalities. Congenital diseases may be identified as well. Because facial features are clear, cleft palate can also be seen through 4D.
  4. Fetal behavior is easier to observe. The specialist can even see the eyelid movement, breathing and other motions and gestures of your child.
  5. Keepsakes. You can keep the digital images and videos of your unborn child, making the moment last a lifetime.

While you are waiting for that time when you can finally cuddle your baby in your arms, it is seeing your baby on that screen – that miracle inside you move that will make you realize that he or she is definitely worth the wait and all the pain that you go through during the course of your pregnancy.

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