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There are merits and drawbacks in all sports and exercises but it is important to remain active, whether that is participating in gym class exercises, yoga, running, walking or swimming. Here we look at the pros and cons of team sports, such as rugby, football, hockey and netball.

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Most people enjoy participating in their chosen sport. Those with a love of football would probably prefer to play a game on the pitch than take part in a hockey game. Playing a sport you enjoy will always be less of a chore. This encourages you to exercise, rather than forcing yourself to join in.


A competitive environment forces you to make effort to raise your game and challenge opponents. This can be beneficial for improving fitness and keep you trim and in shape. Team sports can naturally add to your motivation in the workplace, along with aiding focus, communication and stress management.

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Calorie Burning

Team sports are particularly good for cardiovascular training, moving and running good distances, which increases your heart rate. This provides a strong calorie burn rate, which keeps you fit and healthy, and is extremely beneficial in losing body fat.


Exercising around others is great for motivation, but is also excellent for our social skills and building friendships. In this modern age, we are less likely to engage with new people, preferring instead to be glued to our smartphones.

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Most team sports take longer than an average workout at the gym. Time spent travelling to venues also mounts up and it could take a couple of hours of commuting for 90 minutes of exercise. Training can also occupy more evening or day times than you have available. Such a schedule can discourage exercising, instead of a quick gym session or class.


Due to the unpredictable and competitive nature of team sports, there tends to be a higher rate of injury over other activities, such as yoga or walking.

Diversion of Focus

Once immersed in team sports it can become all too encompassing, and players often forgo the physical preparation that enables them to be skilled at the sport.

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