Kicking the Habit & Alternatives to Smoking

Smoking is notoriously addictive. As many smokers and ex-smokers will tell you, giving up can be a truly daunting and difficult task. Quitting nicotine serves as a real test of willpower and strength. Fortunately, you don’t have to undertake this task using sheer willpower alone. You CAN conquer your addiction by using some of the...+

Pipes, Cigars And Cigarettes, Which One Is Safer?

The cigarette smokers live quite difficult lives nowadays, as they begin to be publicly banned from smoking indoor in a lot of countries all over the world, the cigarette prices raise constantly and the medical world’s warnings become more and more audible. Did people stop smoking altogether? Not yet. Did people switch to other types...+

Parents Smoking In Front Of Children Is an Abuse

Smoking is a dangerous habit while not only affects the smoker but passes its effects to people surrounding the smoker. A lot of people irrespective of the sex are addicted to the habit of smoking. Studies on the ill effects of smoking have shown the fact; passive smokers are equally affected through smoke and poisonous...+