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There is hardly anyone out there, who thinks that they don’t need to lose weight, especially after a vacation. These days, everyone wants to achieve his or her ideal weight to look and feel good. In the long run having extra weight on your body, which you have piled on gradually over the years will lead to many diseases. So, the best way to get rid of the extra weight and related diseases is to stay fit and keep your weight under check.

Don’t Be In Denial

Everyone knows the harmful effects of the extra weight. The internet is full of articles that tell us the foods that we should avoid and the exercises that we need to do, if we want to stay fit. Most of us do know whether we are fit, but some of us are really in a state of denial.

There are people, who get hurt if told by well-wishers that they should drop some pounds and will come up with all lame excuses for the way they look starting from feeling bloated to wearing ill fitted clothes. These are people, who are at risk because although they would avoid looking at the mirror knowing fully well they are fat, but would not accept it openly.


Some Signs that tell you that you should Lose Weight

As the weight gain is a gradual process for most people, some of us fail to realize that we are actually piling on weight, if we are not getting on the weighing scale regularly. However, there are some telltale signs that should be enough to make us get on a weight-watching program.

Once you know what these signs are, you can keep a watch on these, so that you will not be shocked the day your doctors tell you that you have too much extra weight and that is the reason for all your health issues. You would know that your weight is increasing and you can then look up how to lose weight and start at the right time.

Some of these signs are:

  • It gets difficult for you to bend over to put on your socks. Your belly is always in the way and you need to suck it in and only then can you seem to be able to accomplish this seemingly difficult task.
  • Your regular jeans are suddenly very difficult to button up. You have to jump, squirm and lie down on the bed to do up the buttons cause all the loose fat around the belly needs to be squeezed in.
  • When you seem to be holding on to big size soda drink most of the time, the extra dose of calories will pile on.
  • Your lower belly has slowly started resembling like a car tyre. This extra tyre is not supposed to be there.
  • While driving, you have to recline the driver seat back to fit in your body, especially your belly.
  • If even a little bit of exercise leaves you out of breath, you definitely need to reduce.
  • If your shirt starts feeling tighter, it is not because it is shrunk, but the reason is that you are becoming bigger.

The first step to get a fitter body is accepting that you are not in the best of shape. Only this acceptance can bring out the desired action from you.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.