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If you have not yet experience the charm of Nespresso coffee capsules, it is the time to know something about it. Preparing the espresso may turn out to be the simplest task, when you have the capsules. Coffee capsules that can be used in Nespresso coffee machine enable you to have wonderful exploration of different types of coffee and aromas, found all over the world. Basically, the Nespresso coffee pods are found to be most excellent espresso. These espresso capsules include the comprehensive varieties of espresso, which you can enjoy in your small cup.

Nespresso presents diverse espresso experiences, and names of the best five espressos are-

  • Ristretto – It is originally made of some Arabicas (South American) from sources like Brazil and Colombia. However, here, you can also get the taste of the Arabicas of east Africa and some flavor of Robusta.Ristretto is very powerful drink and it is served generally with water. Moreover, it is also called as the short black. Its caffeine is obtained in concentrated proportion as water involves slight contact with grids.
  • Arpeggio – It is a combination of the best Central and South American Arabicas that have fruity profiles, with some features like coffees of Costa Rica. It is intensely roasted to introduce the traits of every origin. Moreover, it is developed by finely crushing the beans. Arpeggio possesses a very effective character and you can find delicate cocoa notes along with woody touch.
  • Roma – In this case, you can get a perfect balance of slightly roasted Central American and South American Arabica coffees with the Robusta. It generates a sweet taste in Roma. Besides, the woody note is also present here. Fine crushing and light roasting bring refinement to the combination and produce a somewhat short espresso that may not be very powerful.
  • Livanto – It is a different blend that is produced with the most popular Arabica that is available in Colombia and also in Costa Rica. It is grown in accordance with traditional processes in order to protect the fruity qualities.
    However, the medium level of roasting emphasizes malted taste, while fruity flavor can generate an intricate and subtle caramelized bouquet.
    The spicy, strong traits of Livanto may be extremely enjoyable for almost all the espresso lovers. And if you are also espresso aficionado, then you can better have the Livanto, while reading or listening to any pleasant music.
  • Volluto – Here also you can have the Arabicas of the same blend- Colombian and Brazilian. A little amount of roasting maintains the cereal taste of Brazilian Arabica. On the other hand, the fruity and fresh note that belongs to Colombian coffee is also found. As the fruity features are pleasantly balanced, you will find biscuit and sugary notes.

So, it will be worth visiting once to decide on any of the above coffee pods, as each of them offers very unique experience. Moreover, you can find these pods in sealed containers, made of recyclable aluminum. Thus, Nespresso is also conscious eco-conscious consumers.

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