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Healthy lifestyle chiefly starts with intake of healthy eating habits and there are many people which do not realize importance of healthy foods until they are affected by some means. Nowadays people are busy with their own lives and most of them are turning towards habit of eating fast foods. Fast foods are tastier and are quicker to prepare, but they can have drastic effects on health.

Effects on Health

Junk foods as it is commonly called can affect overall health of a person. Some of the general effects of junk foods include,

  • Reduced concentration,
  • Heart diseases,
  • Diabetes,
  • Deprive of energy,
  • Liver diseases or liver failure.


Junk foods are comprised of fat and oil and they do not contain carbohydrates essential to produce energy. Meager level of nutrients present in junk foods can cause weakness of the body. It increases the body weight and decreases efficiency to work.

Though higher level of consumptions of junk foods affect almost all the vital systems of the body, their effect of brain is irreversible and should be prevented at an earlier stage.

  • Junk foods can effect neurotransmitters of brain and alter the entire function of brain system. High density present in fast foods can modify brains control over appetite and produces satiety.
  • Neurochemical and behavioral changes are also experienced by people that intake fast foods on a continuous basis and it are found out from many studies.
  • Specific changes are pronounced at dopamine and opiate receptors of brain which is specifically dealing with emotion and expression.
  • This may in turn promote obesity and the effects are similar to heroin and cocaine addiction.
  • It is also proved intake of junk foods is a type of addiction that should be prevented at an early stage.

Considering these negative results it is better to avoid junk foods.

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