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While it usually takes a professional to help lead an addict through withdrawal, the sad fact is that there are few resources available to those without medical insurance and even fewer resources (even with insurance!) in many rural areas of the nation. With so few resources and untrained medical professionals, simply substituting one addictive drug for another, many addicts have begun seeking natural remedies at home. Some have proven useful and others, not so much. Some, in fact, arealmost as dangerous as the opiate itself.

Always Seek Professional Help If Available

It should always be stated right up front that opiate withdrawal can have serious consequences. When at all possible, it is best to seek professional treatment, in or outpatient, but as an adjunct to professional therapy, you may wish to consider using natural remedies. Please note that only a licensed addiction specialist or doctor can diagnose and treat addiction. This article is informative only. How you proceed is of your own volition.

Common Natural Remedies in Use Today

One of the more recent natural remedies, in the Western world that is, would be an herbal product called Kratom. This is a derivative of the Maeng Da plant native to countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Indonesia. Maeng Da is just one genus of this plant in the pine family closely resembling a coffee plant, and although it is known for its energy boosting properties, Kratom also works on the same receptors as opiates do and is often effective in reducing the effects of withdrawal. The best place to buy Kratom powder is usually online because many stores do not carry it yet and online supplies move fast, ensuring the product is fresh and safe for use.

Cleansing Herbs

Many of the issues addicts have when going through withdrawal are connected to the body’s coping mechanism that kicks in to eliminate the drug from the system. Opiates are processed in the liver and when you are in the early stages of recovery, the current thinking is that herbal cleansing supplements like milk thistle can carry those toxins out of the body at faster rates, thus reducing the devastating effects of withdrawal. Most antioxidants are also beneficial when it comes to ridding the body of toxins, but milk thistle is found to be the most effective.

This Is What We Know

In summing up what we know, not all opioid-related deaths are from illicit use of street drugs like heroin. Many of the 42,249 people who died of an opioid overdose in 2016 were the result of doctor-prescribed pain medications. With a severe shortage of funds and addiction treatment centers, many addicts are forced to seek recovery on their own. There are herbal remedies which can reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, but anyone addicted should always seek professional help whenever possible.

It’s not for nothing that it’s being called an “opiate epidemic” and the statistics speak for themselves. With growing numbers of addicts dying from their addiction each year, it’s time to seek any treatment available and that includes herbal remedies. Only you can make the commitment to stop so when all is said and done; your life is in your hands. Do you choose life?

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