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“Read this blog to know how to eradicate toxins from your body within 42-45 days.”

There are various bizarre ideas related to toxin build up and the process of eradicating them from your body, which people believe and even follow in order to achieve a fitter and healthier body. Basically, even if you intake only healthy food (for example an apple or a guava), then also you are actually taking in the deadly chemicals that have been used in harvesting and growing it. Air pollution caused from gas, smoke, fire, and industrial solvents, pesticides and herbicides used in our daily food, alcohol, and packaged juice that we drink, consumption of canned or processed food, drugs-basically- everything is responsible for the harmful toxin build up in our bodies.

And thus, the chapter of detoxifying one’s body has become this much important. And no wonder, there are so many Natural Medical Centres offering sessions of Natural Detox Program. Toxins can not only cause minor things like dull skin, hair fall or loss of appetite but also can lead to serious illness like toxic hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and even cancer. So, if you are giving this a serious thought, and then going through this blog is a must. Take a look below for a fitter and happier you within 42-25 days.

    • Water, the saviour – The first point which I am going to include here is the consumption of sufficient amount of water. Well, we all know this from childhood and yet sip on a glass of Cola or a cup of coffee when thirsty, very often. Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t teach this point to us just like that. It can actually speed up the toxin excretion process and flush out those unwanted elements. Water can also help in the process of “weight reduction”. So for a slimmer waistline, fitter body and glowing skin and shiny hair, drink water at regular intervals.

  • Bid goodbye to the packets of cigarettes – Despite the warnings, you are unable to say goodbye to your smokes. But if you are thinking of taking this detoxification program seriously, then you have to bid your cigarettes a goodbye. Because otherwise, the entire process will go to waste. Try reducing it in numbers with time if stopping it overnight seems impossible. Talking to your Physiologist might help. Take an appointment at a reputed Medical Centre, before it’s too late.
  • Time for starting a healthier diet plan – Though it will depend from one person to another, still your diet will contain plenty of fruits and green veggies. Ask your Physiologist to help you out with your diet plan, as you may need high protein while your best friend may need more vitamin inclusion in his or her diet. You can be prescribed supplements as well, depending on your condition. Sip green tea at least twice daily and try to consume organic food. Munch on nuts and other healthy snacks, when hungry and do eat at regular intervals. Say “no” to alcohol, processed and junk food. Turmeric, broccoli, citrus fruits, garlic, etc. are generally recommended.
  • Enrolling in a medical or natural detoxification program at a reputed healthcare centre – Well, you do need assistance in order to achieve a healthier body and mind. Take some time out, and check online for the best detoxification programs, offered at various Medical Centres. There will be experts to help you and get your body and mind to get nourished. So, join for a Medical or Natural Detox Program. The program can include heavy or normal exercising for sweating out the toxic elements, a proper diet, and intake of herbal medicines. Group Fitness Classes or Personal Training Programs can be recommended after proper analysis. If you follow everything mentioned here religiously, then you will achieve a happier soul and a fitter body within 42-25 days, but yes, it will vary depending on the amount of toxin build up in your body.


So, now you know why you need to start detoxifying and how to undergo the process. So don’t delay and contact a good Centre at the earliest.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.