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In case of babies who are born with ASD, there does not arise to be any major signs or symptoms. If the signs or symptoms do occur it is a classic case of heart murmur. This does work out to be an unusual sound that you are likely to come across during a heartbeat. The only sign of an ASD does appear to be a heart murmur. The doctors are in a better position in order to listen to heart murmur and can figure out whether there does exist any problem or not.

It has been found out that if the ASD is large enough and you have not gone on to repair it, then extra flow of blood to the right side of the heart emerges. This could go on to damage the heart and it could lead to a situation of heart or lung failure. For sure this is not going to occur till the stage of adulthood. Some of the other signs of heart failure do include,

  • The chances of fatigue or shortness of breath.
  • There might be occurrence of fluid being build up in the lungs.
  • This fluid could build up in the ankles or the feet as well.

What are the tests that is part of the ASD procedure

As part of the ASD treatment in India the doctor is going to ask for a series of tests. In the course of the tests the location or the size of the defect could be found out as well. In terms of the series of tests they are as follows.


You could consider this to be a painless form of test. With the help of sound waves a moving picture of your heart is taken. The sound waves are going to bounce off the structure of your heart. The computer would convert the sound waves into pictures from the monitor. With the help of this procedure the doctor is in a much better position to figure out on how the heart is working. With Echo you are can find out the problem with the heart and how this is possible to solve over a period of time. This would help the cardiologist to figure out what does need to be the exact course of treatment.


This is also a painless test where the electrical activity of your heart needs to be recorded. With the test it is possible to figure out on how fast the heart is beating. At the same time it does show the frequency of the electrical signals once they pass through your heart. With the help of this test it is possible to figure out whether any chamber of the heart is enlarged.

Chest X rays

This is the most popular procedure among the lot. Here you go on to formulate pictures of the chest and that would be the lungs or the heart. It also shows whether the heart is enlarged or not.

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