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Current research has discovered that addiction can go past abuse of a substance to compulsive behaviors or process addictions.

Compulsive Behavior

This means that the addiction process can lead to actions that are compulsive involving behavior that is not physical addiction but behavior such as sex or shopping where the user can cultivate a type of obsession with. There are comparisons with these types of addictions and the treatment inclinations are quite the same. The community of mental health and medical professionals are able to recognize these addictions as a psychological problem which needs special treatment and social support.


Process Addiction

This is the kind of addiction that has mostly been ignored even though it can be just as harmful as real alcohol or drug addiction. This type of addiction can cause:

  • Financial stress
  • Break down of the family structure
  • Problems with mental health

These types of addictions can include:

  • Shopping
  • Sex
  • Gambling
  • Problems with food

Hidden From Family

Most of these types of process addictionsare hidden from friends or family by the abuser and is often harder to see than typical addiction with alcohol and drugs. A drug rehab center offers help with these types of problems by focusing on treating the client with the same urgent care and concern as a person with substance abuse.

12 Step Program

Along with treatments for substance abuse, process addiction can also be helped with the 12 step program. This is a treatment using a set of guided principles or 12 steps, with fellowship to help members achieve help in maintaining recovery from process addictions.

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments also work well with process addictions as many of these clients also tend to have substance abuse with alcohol or drugs.


A key component of a 12 step program is choosing a sponsor. This sponsor is a former addict who has experience remaining clean of their addiction and can provide support to any person in their support group. Members attend meetings that are facilitated by other members – all recovering from process, drugs or alcohol addiction. Meetings are on a regular basis, at different times, and in many locations.

Safe Place

If you are trying to sober up from alcohol or drugs or if you have process addiction such as gambling these support groups can be a tremendous help and source of guidance, encouragement and assistance. This is a safe place to go for support and to talk about challenges where your problem is shared with a group of your peers and doesn’t have to involve family members or friends.

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