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People take up different surgeries to enhance the beauty of their face. Amongst many plastic surgeries that people undergo, nose surgery is very common. The surgery is done mainly to change the shape of the nose which can be done by changing the size, straightening the nose, changing the angle and reducing the nose tip and nostril flare. Using the surgery, the appearance of the nose can be improved and in many people, the surgery is done to correct the abnormalities in the nose that leads to different defects.

Plastic Surgery in Nose

The surgery in nose, commonly called rhinoplasty or rinoplastia is done as per the preference of the individual with general anesthesia. The surgeon makes incisions inside the nose so that the bones and cartilages the support the nose can e accessed. Any scar of incision is not visible. But, when surgery is made to reduce the nose tips, the scars are visible. The inclusion or removal of bone or cartilage is dependent on the size and shape of the individual. In some individuals, the bumps are also removed to get the required shape through surgery. After the surgery, the individual finds the nose delicate. It is important not to blow the nose for some days and complete car is required for months to recover.


Things to Consider

As plastic surgery in nose requires careful attention on different factors, you need to be clear about different aspects prior to the surgery.

Why nose surgery – when you decide to take up a surgery in your nose, you need to know why you are about to take the surgery or if it is really needed. If your nose has been damaged due to accident or you find your nose shape or size a negative of your facial features, you could consult with a good surgeon prior to making the decision.

Which surgeon to choose – choosing the right surgeon for surgery is important for different reasons. You can know how your nose would be after the surgery. Get referrals from friends and choose a surgeon with proper experience and specializing in surgeries. Also, look at the portfolio and also make sure if the surgeon is certified and is active member in different Boards.

Surgery cost – surgery cost can vary based on the complications and the surgeon you choose. Get ideas from friends and also spend time online in knowing the cost.

Take a surgery in your nose after clear observation and transform your looks as you desire!

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