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Although the term “sex addict” is often applied to individuals who use it as an excuse for irresponsible behavior, the truth is that sex addiction is a very real psychological disorder. An individual who is legitimately labeled as a sex addict typically has no control over their desire to engage in sexual activities, and often does so in a high-risk manner. The results can be negative on the individual and are often the byproduct of another medical condition. Sex addiction counseling helps these individuals put their lives on track and handle their addiction. Here are ten facts that you should know about this condition:


  • Sex addiction is seen as a self-inflicting behavior where the individual is putting themselves at risk by engaging in unsafe activities. It is common for those with borderline personality disorder who are unable to identify with their own needs without relying on the sexual connection of another person.
  • Individuals with disorders like pedophilia, severe fetishes, and exhibitionism are considered to be at the more severe end of the sex addiction spectrum. This is because their behavior requires extensive treatment to prevent them from victimizing other individuals.
  • Sex addiction happens for many reasons, not all are associated with anti-social personalities.
  • Individuals who sustained childhood abuse are more likely to become sex addicts in a way that victimizes others, as a result of PTSD. Their victimization is an attempt to find control over a childhood trauma or memory.
  • Patients suffering with bipolar disorder are likely to engage in high risk behavior when they enter manic cycles and are not taking the proper balance of medication. This may lead to them being labeled a sex addict.
  • Compulsive sexual behavior is common among any person who struggles with their sexual orientation. Despite living in a world that openly embraces different types of sexuality, many individuals still struggle with their own needs and desires, turning to unsavory outlets to find their release.
  • Sex addiction can be the result of drug use.
  • Sex addiction can also be a replacement for drug usage after an individual has kicked the habit. They trade one addiction for another.
  • Love addiction is a form of dependency that can result in sexual addiction. Individuals confuse lust for love and continue to seek out sexual experiences as a way to validate themselves or feel connected to another individual, and therefore feel loved.
  • Compulsive sexual behavior may be the result of intellectual delays in young adults. Their lack of understanding about sex causes them to be more actively engaged in an attempt to understand it and results in the out of control nature of sex addiction.

Sex addiction is one of the more serious psychological medical conditions facing the world today. As there are many different causes and many reasons why it impacts a person, it is important to receive counseling and guidance as soon as the issue is known. With the right steps, any individual can find healthy ways to deal with their own personal issues that don’t result in high risk sexual activity.

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