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Today’s demanding society makes almost every adult find it challenging to juggle between the highly demanding career and their life.

To make ends meet, a lot of people are putting in extra hours and type endlessly on their mobile devices working when they are not physically at work. People are getting depressed by the day due to the consistent and never-ending cutbacks and layoffs.

To avoid being laid off, people put in extra hours, go back to school to improve their education and get more leverage thus affecting their physical and social life. However, a trained psychologist is asking people to take a minute and ask themselves if they are bringing enjoyment into their lives.

Times are hard yes, however, without taking the time to enjoy life, we are susceptible to falling ill and lowering mortality rate. To have the best of both worlds (work life balance) here are a few ways people can focus their time and attention on they can control:

Creating Me Time from Their Busy Schedule

While planning your work week, psychologists advise that it’s advisable to set aside time dedicated to yourself, family, friends and activities that will revitalize you.
Small but significant things such as a simple date night with your spouse or playing football with your son will not only strengthen your bond but give you the time you need to relax.

Creating time helps you become proactive about scheduling, and you find the time you need to do something else other than work.

The more you find time to do something different like go to the gym enjoy a night out with friends the more productive you become.

Get Rid of Valueless People and Activities

It’s quite unfortunate that a majority of individuals spend their precious time on people and activities that add nothing to their lives. Save your time by eliminating people that are always negative and nagging from your life.

As opposed to spending your free time digging through the internet doing nothing practically but stalk people.

Change how you spend your free time to something productive like walking the dog or attending the cooking class that you keep postponing.

Get Moving

A jam-packed schedule makes it impossible to set aside ample time to commit to your workout which is important for a busy person.

Scheduling 2 hours three to four days in a week to hit the gym helps boost your energy levels heightening your concentration ability. Exercises are not only energy boosters, but they also help keep your mind alert which is always a plus.

Routine Checkups

We spend a lot of time making money to live a better life we forget that to live to an age to enjoy the money. It’s important we keep our health in check. Routine medical checkups are necessary.

Chattanooga Family Dentist is someone you should see at least twice a year to keep tabs on your dental health. Dr. Scott Laudon is friendly and professional and will collect your history and keep you informed. Take a second to web search for a Dentist in Baton Rouge that is close to your work-home route and schedule for routine checkups.

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Sneha Srimani is a Bachelor of Science graduate in health education. She is also social media manager at Before coming to Nucleus Accumbens, she worked as a Jr. Medical Physicist. Now she decided to share her experience and medical information through this blog.